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Bodsitive - Body by Pri

Hello everyone! I hoped you guys have had a fantastic CNY! I'm sure a lot of us are guilty of pigging out (I'm guilty too), but what's CNY without the snacks right?

Anyway, last week, I've introduced you guys to a dear friend of mine, who has been nothing but inspirational! We talked about her pageant journey in Miss Singapore Pageant International 2018, and this week, we will be talking about something even more dear to her. Body by Pri and Bodsitive.

These two brands are fruits of her labour and being a girl boss at age 22, is definitely commendable. I started training with her last year as well and she keeps me motivated. Also, picking up a new skill with her is something I'm quite proud of. I'm no boxing prodigy, but it's a lot of fun! Did I mention that Priyanka is a trainer at CruBox Singapore too? I feel like I've been training with the best, but this blogpost isn't about CruBox, let's talk about her brands.

Body By Pri started in 2016 when Priyanka wanted to share her experience and journey with fitness. From a hobby to a passion, she studied to learn about the field, got her certification and eventually, Body By Pri was born! If you're up for workout videos, motivational and inspirational content, you can definitely check her Instagram out! Following Body By Pri, she created Bodsitive, which she wants to be more than just a fitness/active brand.

Bodsitive = Body + Positive.

A lot of us are conscious about our body types. I'm personally very concerned about my legs and I've trouble accepting my body from time to time, even during my slimmer days. I know I do not have the shortest end of the stick, some people out there get bullied because of the way their body looks, and society tends to categorise or assume things about a person based on the way their body looks.

Priyanka created Bodsitive to break the standards of beauty, showing that health comes in different shapes and sizes. A brand that is all inclusive emphasising on self-love, health and growth.

As a sneak, these are her Bodiscs, which are currently on sale on her site! I've used these in our trainings are they're quite a versatile product! Perfect for bringing around or just a quick workout at home!

Also, she will be having her very first public fitness event on the 8th of March, which is also International Womens Day!! Get inspired, and be inspiring to those around you!

Venue: 340C King George’s Building, King George’s Avenue, Singapore 208574

Use the code "h3ro" to get 20% off your ticket! See you there! xo Priyanka (Body By Pri)

With all that she has accomplished, Priyanka proudly said that this isn't the end of any of her journeys, as a beauty queen or as a fitness instructor. Bodsitive will be launching new apparel in April, so I hope you guys are excited about it! In the mean time, you can check her website out and get started with your own fitness regime!



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