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XLASH Daily Essentials | #xlashsg

Hello everyone!

I thought I'd start June off with another blogpost since the next few weeks may be a little busy again. I thought I'd share more about this brand that I've been using for the past few years - XLASH Cosmetics. Last year, I became one of their brand ambassadors and I'm just really humbled to be able to work with them since I've used their lash serum for over 3 years (even when I was getting extensions done). I've not done a blogpost for them, so I thought it would be a good time to finally do so, and I'd like to introduce the products that I use daily.

XLASH and XBROW Serums

I first got to know about XLASH from my lash tech when I still did eyelash extensions, I noticed that getting extensions done every month meant that my natural lashes would suffer a little. They definitely were short and getting quite sparse (they didn't grow back as fast as they used to) so she suggested I give the XLASH serum a go and within the first month, I started seeing results and within 6 months, my lashes looked great and healthy again. Unfortunately, I don't have photos to show you guys, but you can take a look at the XLASH Highlight on my instagram! My extensions looked a lot better of course, but I've completely stopped getting them done last year when we went into the first circuit breaker, I'm back to using mascara!

As for the brow serum, I've been told that the results show within 2-3 weeks, but my personal results only showed after about a month or two, and the changes weren't too obvious as well. I'm guessing its because my brows weren't too sparse to begin with and my hairs are naturally quite thin too. Then again, I've seen friends/fellow ambassadors who have had visible results, so perhaps I lucked out on this one, but at least the lash serum has worked wonders for me!

I used both serums at night, after I've washed my face. These are the first skincare products that I apply, followed by my other skin serums and creams. It's important to use it daily and preferably during your night skin routines instead of in the day. I've personally never known anyone who has reaped more amazing results by using the serums twice a day. In fact, I think XLASH Cosmetics discourages you using it more than once a day.

XLASH Instant Dry Eyeliner

You guys know I've loved my MBMJ eyeliner for the longest time, and I've finally come across a more affordable option that is just as great! I love felt tip eyeliners so when they sent this to me previously, I was so excited! It's a reasonably stiff felt tip so it's easy to control but it doesn't feel like its stabbing your eyeball. I've worn this eyeliner for various activities, and you would have seen in one of my recent IGTV videos, it doesn't rub off easily as well, but it's incredibly easy to remove.

XLASH Mascara

Move aside, roller lash! I've been using this almost daily and it has never disappointed me. The small wand makes application on the lower lashes easy. You guys know how often I use this mascara and how well it stays on the lashes! I've used this for casual days and even when I work on set and it has never disappointed me! I used to use water-based removers and it comes off very easily without pulling any of my lashes out. Of course, with the new balm cleanser, it comes off even faster! If anything, I'd say this is an absolute favourite, next to the eyelash serum of course!

Rejuvenating Eye Gels

I received this as a Christmas present from the XLASH team, and I've been so addicted to them. I love love love how these gels feel! I'm sure you can store them in the fridge and the coldness will feel a lot more refreshing, but I personally didn't do that with these and they're still really refreshing! The serum is not sticky once it has absorbed into the skin and my eyes feel really refreshed! You can use these daily, but I use it every 2-3 days in the mornings to really give myself something to look forward to every few mornings!

I personally don't get much dark circles or eye bags, thankfully, but I know these are meant to really help with those problems. I love them mostly because of how they make my skin feel and the very slight minty feeling really helps to relax my eyes and make them feel less tired! I usually keep them on for about 20-30 minutes while I have my morning coffee and go about my morning routine. I really enjoyed these so much when I was working on my previous project earlier this year. The long and non-fixed working hours does take a toll on your system and its very hard to find a routine, so these eye gels were something that I made sure I did to treat myself every now and then.

I hope you guys enjoyed this blogpost, you can pop on over to the XLASH website to take a look at their other products - they have brow pencils and lip products as well! June is just a few days away from us, and just like that 2021 is almost halfway over! Stay safe everyone, I'll see you in my next blogpost!




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