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Mrs & Classic Mrs Singapore 2019 | Grand Finals

Monday, May 13, 2019

 Hello everyone! 

Firstly, let me start this blogpost off by wishing all mothers a blessed Mothers Day! I hope your children and loved ones were able to spend time with you and shower you with love. Just a few days ago, new queens were crowned, and the Mrs & Classic Mrs Singapore Pageant 2019 has officially come to an end! As I've mentioned in the previous Mrs Singapore blogposts, this is the very first pageant in the new blog and it's just such an exciting feeling!

My vlog will be out this Thursday, so keep your eyes peeled! 


Got my beautiful gown from Alelux Luxury Gown Rental once again! I've never been disappointed by their range and designs. This pageant, the theme was feather and florals, so I decided to go to the floral route and decided on this off-shoulder number! This would be one of those pieces which you aren't 100% sure about it until you wear it. I wasn't too attracted to it at first because I'm not used to prints like this, but when Adeline asked me to try it on, I fell in LOVE. There were so many more that I tried but I decided on this one. Honestly, it was 50% because of the pockets. It made my job so much easier because I could chuck my phone/camera in the pockets when I needed to run around. 

ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!! Thank you for always showering me with love, care and flawless dresses Alelux! 

I will be posting more photos in a collective lookbook with all the outfits I wore during the Mrs Singapore events soon, so you can keep a lookout for that! Let's talk more about the pageant, shall we? 


I came a little earlier to snap photos for the lookbook, and rehearsals were going on as well, so I decided to just watch them prepare for. the night while I was there!


And the night begins with the opening number! 

As always, the contestants got the change to walk to the front to introduce themselves to the audience and judges! 


The ballroom was so filled this year, it was absolutely crazy! There were more tables than in previous years and the entire ballroom was filled with cheers from the supporters. I remembered that a specific contestant had amazing support during the fringe activities, and of course, her supporters did not disappoint during the grand finals too! 

Opening addresses by Organising Chairperson, Racheal Olivero (left) and ERM's Managing Director, Ms Angela Tay (Right)


And the top 5 from the talent around performed once again! 


If you missed the talent round, you can watch/read snippets of it via the following social media platforms: 


Blogpost | VlogInstagram Highlights 


Just to recap, the top 5 contestants from the talent round will perform once again during the grand finals! 


The top 5 that performed during the grand finals are (from top row to bottom): 
Contestant No. 2 Lilian Lee

Contestant No. 4 Ajita Bisht

Contestant No. 9 Yuko Ashizawa

Contestant No. 12 Eztelle Roche Kaye

Contestant No. C2 Melissa Lim 


It was definitely nice to see them perform again! However, I think this year was interesting since the items were exactly the same as they were during the talent round. Usually one or two would have at least done a new item, but their items were the same. Of course Eztella and Melissa both had a wardrobe upgrade, so there was still some element of surprise, for sure. I'll admit I kept singing alone when Melissa was performing, and I might have to edit the audio out of the vlog because you can totally hear me singing. 


 After the performances, the contestants came out dressed in apparel from Kaftan Closet! 

Apart from modelling the beautiful and colourful outfits, the ladies also presented various skincare products from the sponsors. These products were from the following sponsors: Oudao Perlane, Labo Nutrition, Zell-V and Mirage Aesthetics. I thought the outfits from Kaftan Closet were so pretty, and perfect for a beach holiday! 


Time to give away some subsidiary awards! Yes, if you're wondering, Wallace Ang and Patricia Mok have both graced us with their presence at the grand finals! 


Most Elegance Award: Contestant No, 6 Naazrina Kokholm
Eloquence Award: Contestant No, 4 Ajita Bisht
Personality Queen: Contestant No, C1 Windaline Lew
Inspiration Award: Contestant No, C10 Chitra Devi Goveindasamy
Optimist Award: Contestant No, C5 Sumiko Teo
Most Progressive Award: Contestant No, 7 Josephine Lee
Body Beautiful: Contestant No, 11 Sharine Wong
Most Confidence: Contestant No, 12 Eztelle Roche Kaye
Contestant of the Year: Contestant No, C6 Aminah Bte Abdul Rahman (Mimi)
Mother of the Year: Contestant No, C11 Teoh Hooi Leng
Most Supportive Family: Contestant No, 13 Laura Lee
Most Supportive Husband: Contestant No, C9 Mary Miao
Popularity Queen: Contestant No, 4 Ajita Bisht
Congeniality Queen: Contestant No, 8 Loy Shien Ling