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A project that celebrates dance and dancers from all walks of life. 


My Story:
                          I did not start dance at a young age, but I've always admired ballerinas, and even though I knew I could never be one professionally, I still wanted to be the best I could be as an adult beginner. Ballet was not my first genre, I started with contemporary dance when I was 17 and later on I dabbled into hip hop and street jazz, but my heart always gravitated to ballet and contemporary. I never want to stop dancing.


I may not be a professional, but I am a dancer. 



Wheather you're an aspiring professional or a recreational dancer. Dance brings people together. It is an artform, a way of expression and a way of connecting people. I created this 'series' to show that dance is accessible and is always there for you. 


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Thank you! Keep dancing!

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