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Miss Singapore & Manhunt Singapore 2023 | Press Conference

Hello everyone!

It's that time of the year again, the Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant is back and to add to the festivities, this year's MSBP events will be held together with Manhunt Singapore 2023! I've never attended any manhunt activities so I was really excited for this year! Of course, a massive thank you to the amazing team at ERM Singapore for having me! This blogpost is a tiny bit late, but I attended the press conference at the Synthesis Bar & Restaurant, really cool location that's located at Suntec City! It was my first time meeting all the finalists for Miss Singapore and Manhunt Singapore so it definitely something I was looking forward to.

If you're new here, this is the very first time that ERM Singapore is holding both Miss Singapore and Manhunt Singapore together, and the winners will be crowned Miss Singapore 2023 and Manhunt 2023 respectively. I've personally not attended any Manhunt events so I'm super excited for the activities this year!

The place was so packed that day, really happy to see how supportive the friends and families were this year! I can only imagine how crazy the grand finals will be!

photos from @herbertjulian

Let's meet the contestants for Miss Singapore, shall we?

photo from @herbertjulian

Contestant No. 1 Wong Wei Yee

Contestant No. 2 Eris Lim

Contestant No. 3 Gianni Heung

Contestant No. 4 Lynn Tan

Contestant No. 5 Ganga Kannan

Contestant No. 6 Care Lee

Contestant No. 7 Lynn Yeo

Contestant No. 8 Alethea Yee

Contestant No. 9 Karen Ong

Contestant No. 10 Celine Koh

Contestant No. 11 Krystal Ng

Contestant No. 12 Sharon Lim

Contestant No. 13 Dinh Thi Tuyet Trinh

Contestant No. 14 Jennifer Lo

Contestant No. 15 Chloe Cai Han

Have you picked your favourite? You can vote for your favourite on instagram for 'Miss Popularity Queen' now! All you need to do is follow Miss Singapore Beauty's instagram profile, Like your favourite finalist's image and share it as well! Voting ends on the 28th of September!

And now, let's meet the finalists for Manhunt!

photo from @herbertjulian

Contestant No. 1 Dexter Sim

Contestant No. 2 Kester Tay

Contestant No. 3 Zane Ong

Contestant No. 4 Steil Teo

Contestant No. 5 Damon Chua

Contestant No. 6 Cyrus Lim

Contestant No. 7 Kesavan Odatappan

Contestant No. 8 Aravinda Prashant Rao

Again, you can vote for your favourite contestant by following Manhunt Singapore's instagram page and liking their photo, then share their photo, and you're good to go!

Of course, we didn't only get to meet this year's contestants, we got to have some words of wisdom from their predecessors as well!

photos from @herbertjulian

Left: Crystal Huang, Miss Tourism Global 2022/23

Right: Janet Goh, Miss Singapore Tourism Queen 2019

photos from @herbertjulian

Left: Fuad Al-Hakim, Manhunt Singapore 2016

Middle: Simon Shen, Mahnhunt Singapore 2017

Right: Darren Kessler, Manhunt Singapore 2022

To end off the blogpost, let's just enjoy more pictures of the contestants, shall we?

photos from @herbertjulian

Again, don't forget to vote for your favourite!!

Check out more event highlights on ERM Singapore's youtube channel!

I'm so excited to share more about the talent round in my next blogpost, work has been consuming me but either way, I'm grateful for everyone's patience and I can't wait to see all of the contestants again on the 29th of September at the grand finals! I'll see you guys in my next blogpost!




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