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Tea With Crystal Huang | #TeaWithQueens

Hello everyone!

I hope you guys have been holding up fine during the circuit breaker! April is coming to an end, and sadly, the Mrs & Classic Mrs Singapore pageant has been postponed, so I don't have the regular blogpost and vlogs just yet! However, I do have something pageant related! I met Crystal last year during her Miss Singapore pageant, and she has been one of my personal favourites (it's okay to say it now because the pageant is over HAHA), so it's really great to be able to work with her on this piece!

Prior to joining MSBP last year, Crystal already had an interest in modelling and figured that joining the pageant might give her a little taste. Of course, she soon discovered they were two different things, but fortunately, she still enjoyed her pageant journey!

She shared that she wanted to challenge herself and put herself out of her own comfort zone and still feel comfortable and confident on stage during her pageant journey. Needless to say, the risks and hard work paid off because she won the title of Miss Singapore Chinatown 2019! Crystal also mentioned that despite being ready to push herself, she still had her fair share of doubts and found herself giving constant mental reminders that she was able to do well.

Unfortunately, Miss Chinese International 2020 was cancelled due to COVID-19, so we won't be able to talk about an international pageant with Crystal this time! Besides clinching the title of Miss Chinatown 2019, she also received three subsidiary awards: Beauty with a Heart, Miss Mirage and Miss Fablife.

"My title was only announced (close) towards the end. I started to feel a little disappointed, and nervous, as I didn’t want to disappoint the my family, friends and colleagues who came down to support me. Once I was titled Miss Singapore Chinatown, I was overjoyed. Knowing that I had the opportunity to participate on a bigger platform - TVB HongKong."

I'm sure everyone who came to support Crystal was really proud of her! She had quite an amazing and fulfilling journey, so it's no surprise that she didn't feel the need to change anything about how she approached the pageant! She did share that prior to joining the pageant, she did think of pageants as a circle of drama and all that typical nasty things. However, it was good to know that she bonded so well with her batch and there was no drama whatsoever! It was also good to know that having a pageant organising team of ladies (shout out to ERM!) who lift and support each other throughout and even after the pageant.

I asked her for some words of advice for those of you ladies who are interested in joining a pageant:

"Just do it, don’t take too long to consider...

..Firstly do ensure that the organiser is well established and reliable.

Secondly, don’t doubt yourself and hold back if you know it’s something you’ll love to experience.

Everyone’s journey is different, just got to go out there, to discover, and to also gain personal growth."

And there you have it! It's all about personal growth and believing in yourself. Crystal did gain more confidence after her entire experience, and the pageant has allowed her to feel more self-assured in both her personal and business settings. Speaking about MSBP, I'm not sure how the COVID-19 situation will affect the pageant. Auditions were supposed to happen in May after the circuit breaker, but now that it has been extended, we'll just have to see! Hopefully the pageant goes on as planned and we get to meet the new finalists in the next few months! Do keep a lookout!

I hope you guys enjoyed this little peek into Crystal's pageant journey! You can follow her on instagram here! I'll see you guys in my next post!




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