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Tea with Priscillia Tan Part 2 | #TeaWithQueens

Hello Everyone! If you can't tell from the title, this is part 2! This time, we will be talking about Priscillia's journey during her international pageant! She recalls her Mrs Singapore experience as fast and fruitful. As mentioned in part 1, joining the pageant was a way of doing something for herself. The pageant has not only given her a new challenge to overcome in life, but has brought her new treasured friendships and exposure to more charities in Singapore. Priscillia mentioned being passionate about helping children and women in need, prior to the pageant, she always felt strongly for children in orphanages. When she is back in Indonesia, she volunteers at her local orphanage regularly as she has before she came to Singapore. However, the pageant has opened her eyes, and made her realise that "charity is not only about the children in orphanages" and that she was able to help more people - needy families, children with down syndrome, old folks, children with challenges, and many more.

After winning her title of Mrs Singapore Planet 2018, Priscillia has become more outspoken, and felt a boost in her confidence, which has helped her to speak more freely and openly about the platforms that she supports and believes in. Also, she has been given many opportunities to be a brand ambassador for various commercial brands, to attend launches, openings, marketing and social events.

Now that we're all caught up, let's talk about her international pageant journey!

I did ask her about her preparations for the international pageant, and as she recalls, it was hectic and overwhelming most of the time. But that did not stop her from doing in-depth research on the international pageant to understand it better. Of course, she had help from her mentors who have experienced the pageant themselves.

It wasn't all stress with the preparations, she definitely remembers having fun trying on various gowns and outfits for the competition. I think a lot of us ladies would be able to relate to this! To better prepare herself even more, she intensified her workout regime to maintain a fitter and healthier body. She even took up dance lessons for the talent segment.

She did a belly dancing routine for her talent segment, if you'd like to know!

I think you guys can roughly imagine how much more pressurising an international pageant is, compared to a local pageant!

"Having been through such a tough and hard fought local pageant, I could imagine the international one being so much tougher and much more competitive.

All the contestants were winners of their country’s local pageant and now they were representing the country in the world arena. Every single contestant already had the looks, experience, skillsets, and most importantly the ultimate hunger to win. The international pageant is a totally different league compared to my local pageant."

Not only was she crowned Mrs Planet World 2018 (what an achievement to win both her local and international pageants!), but she also won the following subsidiary titles:

-Mrs Planet Best in green planet costume 2018 -Mrs Hi Life -Mrs Code Fashion TV

Priscillia shared that despite coming form different countries, and having a common goal to fight for the crown, she and the other contestants were open to sharing pointers on where to improve, and learnt from one another. Queens are a representation of their countries at these international pageants, and it's always nice to know that at least some are open to helping on another despite being competitors.

Needless to say, Priscillia made new friends through the international pageant and said that getting to know each and every one of them was a wonderful experience in itself, also mentioning that she was grateful that the National Director, Irina Papazova was really nice. She also shared that the other contestants had nicknamed her the 'Asian Barbie Doll'! How cute is that? Safe to say, she saw it as an amazing journey, where she has met great friends that she'd love to meet up with again in future.

That doesn't mean the pageant wasn't stress free. Priscillia shared that she felt overwhelmed when she met her fellow international contestants in Bulgaria for the first time, she shared that they were all so well dressed and looked like super models - they were taller and had amazing walks and postures. Although she felt her confidence falter a little, she was not going to give up without a fight! I think that determination and fighting spirit that Priscillia possesses is just so inspiring.

Bringing it back to when Priscillia shared what she felt a women's key to success was:

"To be ambitious, because when you are ambitious, you are focused and motivated. To be strong, when you are strong, you are empowered and has greater influence. To be confident, you have to believe in yourself and have a positive attitude. Success does not happen overnight. You have to put in a lot of hard work and always learn from every failure and pick yourself up when you fall."

She 100% lives by her own words, and to me, that says a lot. it's not just empty words of wisdom. I think you can tell a lot about a person when they provide words of wisdom like this, and live up to it themselves. That's what it means to be a true role model!

I asked her about how she felt about her title "Mrs Planet World".

Her response: "It means the world (pun unintended) to me.",

I had to share it the exact way she shared with me because I found it so funny. Anyone else out there who appreciates a good pun?

Jokes aside, she shared that she wanted to do her best to live up to her title and use it as a platform to raise awareness in spreading kindness and the importance of saving our planet for the future generations.

"We need to preserve it for our children because they too deserve to enjoy the planet that was given to us. Our children are our most valuable resources and the best hope for the future."

I asked about her plans for the future, and if she would be joining any more pageants in future, and she shared she may consider going for the Classic Mrs Singapore (for women above the age of 45) category in future. However, that should be a long way from now!

In the mean time, she'll be focusing more on her charity work and explore what she can do for her green initiatives to help save and conserve the environment. Apart from that, she stands by what she feels about family meaning the most to her, and shared that she just wants to be the best wife, mother, daughter and sister she can be.

Try spotting her in the Mrs Planet 2018 Promo video and Finals Teaser! (credits to jameshpchua and Mrs Planet)

I hope you guys have enjoyed this blogpost and that you've been inspired to not only do things for yourselves, but to try something new and grow! I'll see you in my next blogpost!



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