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Bangkok Trip 2019 | #chinaphilitravels

Hello Everyone! Hope the start of September has been great and eventful! I finally got a little getaway with my parents at the end of July. I think we more or less make an annual trip to Bangkok, and honestly, I'm not even sick of it. I love it there!

If you guys haven't watched my vlog, do hop on over, give it a like, share and perhaps subscribe because that helps me out ^^ I did try talking A LOT more in my vlog this time round, but I'm not too sure I'm fond of it because there was just so much footage and I had a hard time taking it all down to a 1 hour video. Then again, it was fun, and if it's something you guys enjoy, I don't mind it at all! ^^

Day 1: Reaching Bangkok and Exploring Market Place

We flew by Thai Airways, as usual! I was a little sad about the food going there, but then again, I don't think I've ever enjoyed airplane food that much to begin with. They did have an amazing crumble cake though! I watched Cinderella, didn't get to finish it but it's a lovely film. I did try to sleep but I think I just got a quick 10min nap because the plane ride is just a wee 2hours. Once we landed, we hopped into our van and we were off to our hotel.

This time, we stayed at Novotel in Pratunam, which is just above the Platinum Mall. I actually really enjoyed this hotel, I stayed there once in 2018 and it was convenient (literally above a shopping haven) and the hotel is so comfortable. The staff there are pretty delightful as well, and not to mention, the breakfast spreads are amazing!

By the time we reached out hotel, it was evening-ish, so there wasn't too much time to do anything. We did chill a little in the room, took out time to settle down and unpack as well! We did head down to the lounge for a bit as well for some wine before having dinner at the hotel's buffet.

There was a lot more food, but honestly, I've a massive sweet tooth so I only paid special attention to the desserts!

We ended the evening with a little walk down the R walk (which is an overhead bridge connecting various malls in the area) and explored this new mall called the Market. I think this mall is extremely new because half the shops haven't even been occupied yet and it was pretty dead.

Day 2: Chatuchak + Neon Market

The highlight of this trip: Chatuchak Weekend Market. I hate crowds and I'm not too good with head and humidity, but I love this place so much that I was willing to head on out there. I don't really know what it is exactly that I love, but it's definitely a place that I have to go to when I go to Bangkok. It's not the cheapest market, but it's still my favourite market! Its pretty much like Bugis street (which I personally avoid at all costs), but a whole lot better, and worth the trouble.

You can find almost anything! I think at one point they sold pets too but I don't think they do that anymore! You can get clothes, accessories, food, artworks, craft items, furniture and even crystals (sadly nothing caught my eye this time). I'd say getting a map is a good idea because you'll be weaving in and out of all these little streets so you might get lost in there.

I did the most shopping at Chatuchak, and I was very very happy with my loot!

We did intend to come back the next day if we weren't satisfied with our finds of the day, but I supposed we did get what we were all looking for so we didn't return the next day.

Dinner was at the Neon Market! Honestly, it seems a lot more different from the last time I was there. It's a lot cleaner and the food shops have all been renovated and upgraded. My parents enjoy the seafood there and it's a place that they definitely have to go to every trip! I'm not a seafood fan, so I ate most of the vegetable and the tom yum, which were both so delicious!

I'd say shopping at the Neon Market was a little pointless, partially because it was kinda drizzly, and also because the shops there aren't as exciting. I think a good night market to visit is the Talad Rod Fai Train Night Market, but that was kinda far for us so we decided not to go there. In case you're wondering, the Neon Market is a walking distance from Platinum Mall!

Didn't eat too much dinner so I got myself a cheeky little ice cream. Didn't really like the chocolate coating on the outside though, but the ice cream itself was yummy! We also decided to head up to View, which was the rooftop bar at Novotel, to enjoy a little drink, but honestly, it wasn't anything to clap about. Either that or we were just really tired. Their menu did look quite extensive, but we just had dinner so there wasn't much point ordering anything at that time. Perhaps during out next trip, we'd give it a go! The location was definitely very chilled out, they had beanbags and such. I'd say it's good for people who just wanna chill and have a drink, not too sure about having a meal there though!

Day 3: Pratunam Market & Ah Yat Abalone Restaurant

Day 3 was probably the most tiring day of the trip! Right after an early breakfast, we headed out to the Pratunam market, which is probably the best place for a bargain, simply because it's all wholesale. You can buy singular pieces of course, but the prices won't be as attractive. They mostly sell clothes, perhaps some cosmetics here and there, but is probably 95% clothing. I did regret not getting a top or two, but my main focus was to just get out of there.

I did get some good pieces from the market but honestly, that crowd is unbeatable and it's just so claustrophobic and anxiety-inducing (for me) so I did not have a good time there at all. I left the market feeling so exhausted, sticky, and honestly in a really bad mood because I was just so overwhelmed by the insane crowd! The huge packet of fresh pineapple did make me feel a lot better though!

Dinner was at our favourite restaurant in Bangkok: Ah Yat Abalone Restaurant in Arnorma Grand Hotel.

We used to stay at Arnorma Grand, but it wasn't really my favourite. I honestly love Novotel so much more! However, I love the food at Ah Yat. Of course, I didn't eat any abalone, my parents did!

They have an amazing Tofu dish which has mushrooms, vegetables and really soft tofu which I absolutely love! I'd definitely recommend this restaurant! During lunch time, they also have discounts on their dim sum, which I had during my previous trip!

Day 4: Ma Boon Khrong Centre & Platinum Mall

I think it's fair to say that Day 4 was the most underwhelming day of the trip! We went to Ma Boon Khrong centre, which was a place that I used to go to when I was younger! I used to love going there because of all the little photo booths that print stickers of your photos (pretty much like neoprints but with people doing all the cutting for you) but they don't seem to have them around anymore! The mall was pretty dead and honestly the deals there weren't any good compared to the previous locations I've shopped at. The range of things they sell also aren't spectacular. I didn't buy a single thing from there, but I was happy to finally find the Sansha shop which I've been looking for when I was previously in Bangkok! Unfortunately, I haven't danced in almost a year, so there wasn't much point for me to buy anything from there!

We did head to platinum mall for a bit as well, the crowd was better for sure! Thankfully, not as crazy as the crowd was in Pratunam Market in day 3! I did get a few things from Platinum mall, but I'd say my Chatuchak loot was a lot bigger than the loots I got from both Pratunam and Platinum mall put together!

Dinner was a quick and simple one at the Big C's food court, we had a fair bit of packing to do so we didn't spend too much time there! We did get some snacks at the supermarket though!

Day 5: Homebound

I didn't take many photos of videos on my last day, so here's a collection of all my breakfasts! I love love LOVE the breakfast spreads in Novotel! I ate the omelette every single day, and it always started my day off right!

The flight back was a pretty quick one! Didn't get any work done on the plane as planned though! I did watch an episode or two of Young Sheldon, which was really fun. I recently completed the whole of The Big Bang Theory (don't sass me about being slow guys...) on Netflix and I really enjoyed it, so I'm on a hunt for more episodes of Young Sheldon.

With all that being said, I hope you guys enjoyed this blogpost, and for those of you who have been waiting for my post and vlog for the Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant Grand Finals, don't worry, the vlog will be out this Thursday and the blogpost will be out next Monday! I'll see you guys then!



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