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Travel Tips for a Short Getaway from Singapore

Hello everyone! I know a lot of us want to escape every now and then with a short getaway! I recently had my short getaway when I went to Bangkok! I'm always shopping iso much n Bangkok, so travelling light is always a good idea, I'm going to need all that space for my shopping!! In today's blogpost, I'll be sharing 5 tips that will make your short getaway to Bangkok a lot more pleasant!

Tip #1: Make a List!

This is my personal favourite! I make lists for everything and anything, it makes me feel like I'm well prepared for anything that comes my way, and of course, helps me keep track. Personally, I like planning outfits ahead of time so I know what to pack. I usually go for versatile items too so I can match things up if I have to.

I personally prefer to pack extra undergarments and I do laundry when I'm overseas so I don't have to deal with dirty clothes, however, another tip to save on space or hassle would be packing disposable undergarments! However, if you're picky like me, I suggest packing form of laundry soap/detergent so you can do a quick laundry wash while you're away!

Tip #2: Pack sample sized toiletries!

There are a few ways that you can deal with toiletries when you go overseas:

- Buy small bottles from the country's local drugstore

- Use the ones provided by the hotel

- Bring your own

I personally like bringing my own, and since my trips aren't too long, I won't finish a small bottle by the end of the trip, so I like to pack accordingly! I don't usually fill up my travel bottles to the brim. I usually estimate how much i'll need and just bring that along. I sometimes like to pack items that are almost emptied so that I can throw the bottle out once they're done!

Another thing I like doing when I travel for a short period of time is bring samples with me. I can test them out and save on a lot of space! Sample Store has loads of samples that you can get, some just require you to pay for shipping so it's really affordable! I like getting some samples there for my travels too because they come in mini-packaging or sachets - which are super easy to just pack and discard once you're done!

Tip #3: Roll up your clothing items!

Sometimes, when you travel, you don't want to hang everything up in the hotel wardrobe so you can pick your outfit everyday, especially when you aren't staying for a long time! Like I mentioned, I prefer to plan my wardrobe in advance, so I like to pack them accordingly. I also don't like stacking my clothing items because I might forget I've had the item with me or I'd have to make a mess just trying to find it!

I personally like to roll my clothing items tightly, or stack them horizontally instead of vertically so that I can see every piece of clothing that I've brought with me. It does save a lot more space and it doesn't make your clothes crumple as much too. I also like packing undergarments, outdoor and sleep clothing separately. But that's just for extra neatness and organisation.

Tip #4: Keep organised with travel bags!

I love having different pouches for various things, like make up, toiletries, tech items, clothings etc all packed separately. It's much easier to find things and to keep track of what you've already packed.

I especially love using the netted travel bags. They come in a set of various sizes and are available in different colours and even patterns! I use them when I have to bring different wardrobes to shoot as well so I don't have to worry about finding clothing items within my bag! These bags are breathable, so they're good for storing shoes as well!

Tip #5: Do not pack your luggage to the brim!

I don't know about you guys but I shop so much when I'm in Bangkok, so I never pack my luggage to the brim and I also bring a collapsable bag just incase i need extra space! Sometimes, I pack my smaller luggage in a larger luggage so I'll have even more space! However, packing your luggage within another luggage will call for more retail therapy and you'll have to pay a little more for luggage weight on your flight back. Then again, it is Bangkok after all, you can't possibly not shop to your heart's desire! If you need a personalised Packing List, Sample Store has got your back! Just click the link below:

I hope these 5 tips were as useful to you as they were for me! I used to overpack for casual trips and that has caused me a lot of stress (in case you didn't realise, I get stressed easily haha) so having a neat and easy-to-follow system is always my go-to when I travel! I'll see you guys in my next blogpost!



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