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Banila Co.Review 2 | #banilacosg

Hello everyone! It's been months since I've last posted on the blog, and I thought I'd revive it with some new products that Banila Co. has sent me. I know my last blogpost of 2020 was also about Banila Co.'s products, so I thought, why not have the first blogpost of 2021 be a part 2?

In my last blogpost, I talked about the various Clean It Zero balm cleansers that were available at the selected Watsons stores that carried Banila Co. and this time, I would like to start with a new addition to the Clean It Zero family, the Pore Clarifying edition!

I've spoken about this in the previous blogpost as well, and I finally get to try it! I was super excited to really give this a go. Previously, they did send me a sample of it and I felt it wasn't as smooth as the other balms and it had a distinctively different scent. However, I only got one wash out of the sample, so I didn't want to make any assumptions about it. Now that I was gifted a full sized tub and used it a fair few times, I'm ready to give a proper review of it.

I still feel that the smell isn't as mellow and sweet as compared to the other cleansing balms. I find that the consistency is also quite different - it's not as 'milky' as the others when it emulsifies with water. However, I did find the make up removal process just as effective and my skin felt very clean.

My skin does feel slightly drier if I use this too much, mostly on the cheek area where I actually have drier skin, so I decided to only use this one when I've worn thick make up for a long time. Currently, I use this on occasion and the Purifying Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm daily.

Clean It Zero Foam Cleanser

I've mentioned before on Instagram that I used to use the Clean It Zero cleansing balms twice a day - once in the morning to remove and residual face masks from the night before and in the evening before I sleep to get rid of make up/sunblock/grime or whatever may have accumulated on my face throughout the day. Since Banila Co. sent me their foam cleanser, I thought I'd swap that in for my morning cleanser. I just put a little bit of it on my clarisonic brush and wash my face as usual.

The cleanser includes natural amino surfactant that removes the impurities and maintains the protective barrier to give refreshing finish and Panax Noto Ginseng root extract to invigorate the skin and brighten up its tone. It's formula is also meant to cleanse the skin thoroughly without irritating the skin, and its great for all skin types. I haven't had problems with my dry or oily spots (for new readers, I've combination skin!) so it's been quite a great addition to my skincare!

I find that my skin is definitely clean and fresh for the morning, and ready to absorb my morning skincare! I've not been using my face brush when I used my cleansing balms so in a way, I'm glad I get to use it again, and I won't go through my cleansing balms so quickly!

Miss Flower & Mr. Honey Propolis Rejuvenating Eye Cream

I was beyond excited when I received this from them. I really wanted to try their Miss Flower & Mr. Honey range so this and the following product were real treats for me! At 28, I've started to realise the importance of eye creams and keeping your skin moisturised and hydrated, so I am always up to try a new eye cream that doesn't feel sticky, and doesn't make my eyes poof up when I apply it at night.

The eye cream focuses on whitening and anti-ageing (literally two of my favourite things in skincare, ever!) The cream includes red propolis ingredients and Triple-Peptide which helps to keep the thin skin around the eyes moisturised and supple. The royal jelly and honey extracts also help to add nutrients and moisture.

So far, I've enjoyed this eye cream and I use it in my night skin routine. It's thicker than I would have imagined or what I'm used to, but it absorbs into the skin very well. Making use of the massage tip that they provided really helps the product absorb into the skin as well, since the little tool is made of metal, it also provides a really nice cooling effect which can be very nice and refreshing.

Miss Flower & Mr. Honey Cream

The last and final product that Banila Co. sent was a skin cream that also helps with whitening and wrinkles, which of course, I'm totally up for! This product has a gel-like consistency, I'd say it's probably between a gel and a cream and it absorbs into the skin very nicely. I haven't found it to be sticky except for the first time I tried it and I applied a little too much. One thing I really enjoy about this cream is the scent of it. It really smells like sweet honey. The eye cream smells pleasant too but I personally prefer the scent of the face cream.

I use this in the evening as well, pairing it with the eye cream! I find that it really has helped my skin look more radiant in the day. I sleep with the air-conditioning on so it does tend to dry the skin. I've found that this cream has helped to keep the skin on my cheeks less dry so I've been enjoying it so far!

I hope you guys have enjoyed this blogpost, and that the first (almost) half of 2021 has been treating you better than 2020 has! Stay safe everyone!




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