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ROM Vendor Review | #ForeverShWang

Hey everyone!

As most of you know, I got married a few days back, and its time for me to revive this blog and talk about the vendors I engaged fir my ROM! I do apologise for disappearing for over a month, I really needed to take some time off from everything just to regroup my thoughts and prepare for the ROM and Pre-wedding shoot (more on that in another post!), so here I am!

I didn't want anything too crazy for my ROM, mostly because we had planned for a Banquet in 2021 before the covid situation, but we'll need to see how things go over the next few months to see if we should either scale down or postpone the banquet! For now, I'm very content with how the ROM went because it was spent with only our immediate families.

Alright, let's talk about my vendors!

Jumpsuit by AQAQ on ASOS

This outfit was really something that I was proud of, I was worried about wearing a jumpsuit because it wasn't really a popular choice, but I found the perfect one, and at a decent price as well! I was lucky enough to be able to fit into it on my wedding day and since it was bought online, I was lucky it fit at all in the first place. The material was a little stretchy and because of the skirting detail, it covered the areas of my legs that I was very conscious about. I need to mention that it was quite opaque so I didn't have to worry about anything else showing!

Shoes by Aldo

Aldo shoes have always been comfortable, I did intend to have another pair for this outfit but I realised there was something wrong with the heel on the day of the wedding, so I had to swap it out for this trusted pair of heels!

Mask by Lourrabella

The mask was definitely a last minute thing, I honestly forgot about getting a mask that would look good during the ROM, so I was incredibly lucky that I was able to get hold of a beautiful custom made mask from Lourrabella! I was so grateful that she had rushed the order for me and even provided cases for the masks. I picked a design from her instagram, sent her a photo of my outfit and gave her the measurements she needed and that was it. I heard that she does a lot of other things like gowns and make up as well so if you ladies are looking for a vendor, you can have a chat with her!

Flowers by Cynplicity Fiore

I wanted lilies for my bouquet as they are one of my favourite flowers! Also, it really matched the vibes of my jumpsuit. I asked for a longer ribbon as well just to add a little 'length' (?) to the bouquet and to sort of soften the vibes as well. I didn't want a massive bouquet so I opted for 10 stalks, initially it was 7 stalks but it turned out to be too small! I did speak to Cynthia for a while about the bouquet and she has given me amazing ideas and advice on what would work best. Of course, when you speak to your florist, giving reference photos always helps!

Earrings by Afterall Studios

I got the silver criss-cross pearl earrings from Afterall Studios at Wisma Atria. I wasn't too sure what sort of earrings I wanted to get at first but when I saw these (or rather, my friend saw these and she pointed them out to me) I fell in love! This pair is also hypoallergenic so it's a huge plus! Just note that not all of their items are labelled as hypoallergenic so if you've got sensitive ears like I do, look out for the labels!

As for my necklace, it was actually a wedding gift from my Dad, and as for my make up and nails, I did them myself at home so unfortunately, I won't be able to give you guys much info or feedback on them!

ROM Venue: ROM Singapore

As I've mentioned earlier, it was a relatively small affair with our immediate families. I am the only child and he has a brother so you can imagine how small the group was when you include our parents! I don't think I need to say much about our experience at ROM apart from the fact that it went by really fast so we were pretty much married within a good 10minutes! We did have a friend help us with photography and videography, so you can imagine how bewildered he was as well when the process went by in a flash!

Lunch Venue: Grand Shanghai

Since there were less than 10 of us but more than 5, we unfortunately had to split the group into two tables. Of course with the covid situation, that is completely inevitable, and we have no choice but to comply. I need to highlight that you cannot share food amongst the two tables, so when you order food, you need to order one serving for each table - basically, you cant pass plates around between the two tables haha. I think most of you know how much I love Grand Shanghai and that I go there with my parents fairly often, so you can guess that I pretty much insisted that our wedding lunch would be held there!

Facial: Tara Bliss Spa (Sponsored)

I know the rose quartz mask looks really scary but it's pretty much the highlight of the treatment for me because I've never seen crystals incorporated into a facial before and you guys know how much I love my crystals! I actually did a video with them, but unfortunately, it's not out yet, so I guess you guys will need to wait a tad bit longer! Thank you for preparing my skin for my big day, Tara Bliss!

The facial was about 1.5hours long, they start with a short relaxing massage to help you slow down your breath so that you will be fully relaxed. They then remove your make up or sunblock before starting with a 'steam bath' to open up your pores so that the extraction process will be a lot easier! They then do a hydrojelly mask that is customised to suit your skin, recently my skin has been dry because of constant mask wearing, so they did a hydrating one for me. While the hydrojelly mask sets in, they place the rose quartz mask on top of it. If you're wondering, its not very heavy, in fact, I felt the gentle weight quite comforting, and because crystals are naturally cooling, it helps to further soothe the skin and it reduces puffiness and wrinkles too!

The last and final step would be their Intraceutical Oxygen Treatment which feels like little puffs of mist on your skin! It includes the use of a serum which they also pick out for you according to your skin's needs. I thought this process was quite fun because it was soothing and definitely really moisturising! It really provides deep hydration and it also helps with firming and lifting of the skin on top of boosting its radiance. I definitely recommend that you check out this facial, and I'd recommend it to brides-to-be out there as well! I'd say going two to three days before your actual day would be good, I personally had quite heavy extractions done so getting it the day before would not be too good of an idea!

If you'd like to check them out:

Contact: 6336 9274 or 8198 5086 (whatsapp)

Located at: 452 North Bridge Rd, #05-00/#06-00 Chan Brothers Building, Singapore 188733

Aesthetics Clinic: Cove Aesthetics (Sponsored)

You guys know I've been working with Cove for a while and I just adore their team so much! If you haven't read my previous blogpost about my experience with their Onda Treatment, you can read about it here. If you haven't guessed, yes, I did do the Onda Treatment again for a few weeks to help me fit into my jumpsuit. The usual frequency of treatment is once every two weeks, so this process had to be started a lot earlier than other things! I'm eternally grateful to the team at Cove Aesthetics because I honestly doubt I'd be able to fit into my jumpsuit as comfortably as I did without their help. I am bottom heavy, so jumpsuits do not always fit me properly, especially in my thigh and bum area, so I turned to them for help! Within a few sessions, I can see obvious differences and it really gave me the confidence to actually get a jumpsuit for the wedding! I cannot stress how much I love this treatment because it is non-invasive, it's painless (like REALLY painless) and it's more affordable compared to fat freeze treatments. All you feel is the cold from the metal surface of the device, and soon you'll feel the warmth from under the skin. Post treatment, all you need to do is drink plenty of water! If you're looking to check them out, they have other aesthetic treatments such as botox and fat freeze as well! I recommend calling in for an appointment or consultation so that you can find out what treatment works best for you!

You can find them on the following platforms:

Contact: 6734 6531 or 91875700

Located at: 501 Orchard Rd, #04-07, Singapore 238880

With that, I've come to the end of my blogpost, it feels good to be back blogging, I don't think I will be able to do weekly blogposts like before but I will do my best to post at least once a month! I hope you guys enjoyed this blogpost, do feel free to DM me on instagram if you have any questions about the vendors! Till my next blogpost!




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