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i-Balance Botanical Respir-All Review | #BestOfTaiwan

Hello everyone!

Today’s blogpost has been generously sponsored by Sample Store and i-Botanics! They’ve kindly sent me a box of their Respir-All to try and review for you guys! I’m around a lot of dust when I’m on set and during prep, especially when I need to fabricate things! I also do my own acrylic nail extensions that does expose me to particles when I file the extensions.

All these activities are things I am very passionate about, but also not the best for my lungs! This is where Respir-All comes to the rescue! It is formulated with various ingredients like Astaxathin which is an anti-oxidant, and also contains the immune-boosting Echinacea. These ingredients helps to reduce the inflammation of the lungs, helps to relieve coughs, reduces phelgm and makes every breath feel fresher!

The product comes in small sachets which I can bring around with me on set, when I travel, or even when I am on the go, and all you need is one sachet a day! They can be eaten with or without food, or mixed into water as well. I personally consume them straight from the packet to save time, especially on busy days.

Taste wise, it is a little herbal and it took me a little bit of time getting used to it, but I did let my boyfriend try a sachet too (he smokes and was having a bit of a cough) and he thought it was just fine! What I enjoy most about it was that it leaves a nice mentholated feeling in your chest area, so it’s quite refreshing!

Photos by Jon (@j.hxz)

You don’t have to have any form of lung problems to take this product as it is not an anti-boitic of any sort. It is, however, a supplement made to improve our respiratory system! (: This product is great for people who love the outdoors, or work in the industrial areas, people who smoke or even people who have lower metabolism rates!

I hope you guys enjoyed this really short review, if you’re interested in purchasing this product and trying it out for yourself, you can hop on over to the Sample Store and get some for yourself! I’ll see you in my next blogpost!



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