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Banila Co. Unboxing | #banilacosg

Hello everyone! It's been a while since I've done a blogpost and I'm back with another review! Banila Co. sent me another PR kit with new items that I've not tried and I really want to share some of them with you. You'd probably recognise some of them from previous blogposts or instagram posts as well so I won't talk too much about those, but focus on the products I've not tried yet.

They did send me this two months back in August, I did post my unboxing in September so do feel free to pop on over to my TikTok for a condensed version or my IGTV for a more chatty version. I was busy on a drama shoot (Apokalips will be on MeWatch Suria in December so keep a lookout!) and I wanted some time to try them all out a few times before giving my review, so here it is!

Hello Sunny Hydrating Sun Essence

One of my OG faves from Banila Co.! This is lightweight and has a slight citrus scent to it, but what I really enjoy is that this has not clogged my pores, and has a brightening effect to it (it's basically purple sunscreen ahah). Itts really great for everyday use, especially when I'm on shoot and I don't want to feel like I've a lot of product on my face.

I must say that if you like tinted sunscreens that give some coverage, you may not enjoy this one so much as this does not provide any coverage of any kind. Not that it's supposed to, though!

Clean It Zero Lychee Vita Cleansing Tissue

This is a new one for me! I used to really enjoy cleansing wipes when I travel, but let's be real, I will always double cleanse no matter what. These are handy for travelling, but I personally would stick to my cleansing balms every day when I'm home. I feel that my skin feels softer with the balm. I did try this out for you guys on my IGTV, so you can pop over and have a look for yourselves!

Dear Hydration Facial Mist

This is one of my new favourite things to bring on set, especially when we're out in the sun!! This mist is really lightweight and refreshing. However, I do d highly recommend giving your face a nice wipe-down or splash of water before spraying this. Not that it's oily, but I personally feel that doing so makes the product feel more refreshing on the skin!

This has a very light and subtle scent so it's not overpowering at all, so you will not feel like you're spraying a mist of perfume on your face. Sometimes on warmer days, I spray this on my face before my make up, just to give myself a nice hydrating refresher!

Lotus Puressence Sheet Masks

You guys know how much I like masks, and these two are no exception. I thought I'd like the hydrating mask more, but turns out I really enjoyed (and needed) the calming mask! I did have a flare-up the other day, but after using the mask, my skin calmed right down and it has been okay so far without another flare-up! I'd say both masks do not have much scent to them, but have very effective serums that are good for regular use!

Clean It Zero Marble Edition

I haven't used a face wash in a long time every since I sta started using the Clean-It Zero balm, so I was excited to try the Clean-It Zeroer cleanser! If you guys watched the unboxing video, you'd know how excited I was when I received this and how much I love the headband!

The formula used for this package's Clean-It Zero balm is the original formula, which is great for all skin types but is formulated for combination skin (aka myself), I just finished my current tub, so I've just moved on to this one. As for the foam cleanser, I began using it in the shower with my clarisonic brush and it really does make my skin a lot clearer. I personally prefer using it with the face brush in the shower rather than using it by itself by the sink. I really hate it when foam cleansers get so near your hairline and you end up having to wet part of your hair to wash out the suds haha!

I don't think there are variations to the foam cleanser's formula, so it should be suitable for all skin types! I do know they have a pore-clarifying one (the light green packaging), but so far that range has been slightly too strong for my skin, so I use that cleansing balm whenever my face needs a deeper cleanse! I don't use that formula every day.

Coverlicious Compact in 02 Rose

I haven't used a compact in a while, so I was so excited when they sent me this Coverlicious compact! I chose the shade 02 Rose, it's more towards a cool-toned pink base, which I personally like. There are three shades for this foundation, and this one's in the middle!

It stays on quite nicely, it's lightweight and doesn't feel cakey, but it still covers my blemishes and gives my skin a healthy glow without making it look oily. The packaging also includes a refill so I'm all set for a good while!

Eyecrush Multi Shadow Palette in Muted Mauve

I was just so excited about this. I originally wanted the Pink one, but I am so happy I decided to try the Mauve one out! I've never tried colours like these before so it was quite an adventure just testing the shades on my skin. I definitely need more practice, but I'm loving it so far, especially those glitters!! They're just SO pretty!!

I'd say this is quite a versatile palette, perfect for bringing around and for traveling (when we eventually get to!) because it's compact and the colour payoff is pretty good! They're not exactly creamy in terms of formula - so expect a bit of fall-out, mostly with the glitters (then again, that's probably expected because duh, glitters!), but they're great for blending and buildable.

I hope you guys enjoyed this blogpost, do check Banila Co out on instagram and their website. If you're in Singapore as well, you can get your Banila Co. products in Watsons as well, or their Singapore website, or on Lazada - if you caught my LazLive session with them a few weeks back, thank you for tuning in! I'll s'll see you guys in my next blogpost! Stay safe!



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