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Nano Singapore

Hello everyone!

It's been way too long since I've done a blogpost and I'm glad to be back with one. I hope 2022 has been great so far and for those of us celebrating the Lunar New Year, I hope you were able to spend it with your loved ones. In this blogpost, I wanted to talk about products that were sent to me from Nano Singapore. Nano Singapore is a wellness brand that hopes to help everyone live a healthier lifestyle through its products. You can find out more about their flagship products and brand story on their website.

Today, I wanted to talk bout the three products that were sent to me:

From left to right: Vita C+ Immunity Extreme, Cordyceps Prestige and Nano Collagen Complex Gummies

In general, these three products promote healthy skin and an immunity boost, which is so vital in current times. I've also never taken gummy supplements before so it was something I was looking forward to trying. Just for some context, I did take these everyday over the past few weeks so I could give a comprehensive review.

Vita C+ Immunity Extreme

Ever since covid-19 struck, Vit-C has become a staple in my home and one of the ways my family ensured we had our daily dose was with similar effervescent tabs. Of course, we still have them now, so Nano Singapore has added to our collection! I take one tab in the morning with a glass of water before my morning coffee, so it's almost like having a slightly fizzy orange juice to start your morning! I found that this one isn't as sweet or tart, so the flavour is a little more mellow in general, so its easy to drink!

This product includes Vitamins C, B6, D3, Zinc, Selenium and Echinacea, which are meant to help boost your overall health and immunity against flu and colds.

Cordyceps Prestige

This one was a surprise to me. I'm personally not very familiar with cordyceps as an ingredient, but apparently it's the king of Chinese herbs, known to help boost your energy levels and recovery. The product also includes Shiitake, Reishi, Chaga, and Maitake mushroom extracts on top of other ingredients like Lions Mane, Royal Sun Agaricus and, Turkey Tail extracts. These ingredients are formulated together to help boost our immunity, as well as our overall physical and mental health.

These are to be taken 20-30 minutes before food, and honestly, this is a little tough for me mostly because I've been on set for the past few days, so meal times tend to be unpredictable, and I don't always carry my belongings with me. However, I do try my best to do so. I'm personally not too sure about how these have affected me, mostly because of my job scope, but I'd like to believe that it has helped me cope with the odd working hours and unpredictable nature of my work!

Nano Collagen Complex Gummies

I'd say these are my favourite items from the lot that they have sent. I love gummies in general but gummies that help my skin? Absolutely. These are also not meant to be binged on, so don't think taking a whole bottle in one go is going to make your skin magically turn itself around in a day. It was interesting to know that these are also suitable for children (they just need one gummy a day instead of two). These gummies promote healthy skin, hair and nails, which sounds like a DREAM.

I like taking these in the morning as well - mostly because I don't want to forget to take them, so I take most of my supplements in the mornings. They have a nice strawberry flavour and haver that nice bouncy texture that a lot of us do enjoy. Sometimes, I don't end up chewing on them, I just let them slowly dissolve in my mouth to make them 'last longer' hahaha.

I'm not 100% sure if its these gummies's doing, but I have noticed my skin. getting less irritated by prolonged mask wear. Spots still appear from time to time but it's a lot less than before. I'd like to think that these gummies were at least a contributing factor!

I hope you guys enjoyed this little review of Nano Singapore's products. there are a lot of other products on their site, and they do have a discount on your first order. Some of the items I personally wanted to try are sold out so I'll be waiting until they're back in stock! I hope the rest of February will be kind to you, stay safe everyone!




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