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We're on Etsy! | Our Personal Co.

Hello everyone!

I thought I'd kick July off with some amazing news; Our Personal Co. is on Etsy! We've been away for a long time and our website also has been closed for a while, but it was all building up to this moment! I'm really grateful to everyone who has stood by OPC and have patiently waited for this soft launch! It was a tough decision to make to close the website (and blog) and to move the whole business to Etsy, but I've decided that it could be the best thing to do. Eventually, it would be great to have a blog with more information on self-care and mindfulness, but I suppose that can always come later!

In the coming months, we do have more things coming your way in the shop (hint: digital items), but for this launch, we're bringing back the very items that started OPC; our bespoke planners, bridal journals and lined notebooks!

Bespoke Monthly Planners

Can't forget the one product that kickstarted OPC; The bespoke monthly planners! We will definitely bring these back to the shop during our soft launch, though the ordering process is probably going to be slightly different since the Wix shop and Etsy shop interfaces will be very different.

We decided to not have any sort of pre-set designs like before, and just do full custom planners. Although, we are keeping to a similar process: pick the layouts and give us a colour scheme, we'll do the rest! Of course, since it's a bespoke item, there will be some back and forth, just to make sure we will create something that you absolutely love! Needless to say, the usual single-coloured covers (both made from Acid-Free card stock) and custom covers will be available!

Bridal Journals

Something that is also close to my heart; weddings. I'm still in the midst of planning my own wedding banquet so creating a bridal journal for myself was very helpful! It helped me to organise my thoughts and budget, as well as keep track of all my receipts and appointments! Although I'd say a Pinterest board is definitely better for colour schemes and visual planning, OPC has come up with a physical journal that you can bring with you to all your bridal appointments, and you won't miss another thing when you're planning for your big day!

Also, if you're a maid-of-honour or even a wedding planner, this could also be great for you to keep track of everything the bride wants and needs!

Lined Notebooks

We've been having these around for a while, but now, we've upped our customisation game and added the option of hot-stamping your name on the cover! Available, in plain, gold and silver, pick your notebook, then pick your hot-stamp option! Just for the soft launch, we'll be having these notebooks on SALE (while stocks last) and we probably will not be bringing these back, so if you guys want to grab these, make sure you do before they're gone!

I hope you guys enjoyed this little peek into what OPC has in store for our soft launch! Please do follow us on instagram and favourite our shop on Etsy as well! T'ill my next blogpost!




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