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I'm Meme Multi Cube Review

Hello Everyone!

I know I haven't really done a swatch and review in a long time, and I received this little palette from my bestie when she came back from Korea! I haven't explored Korean make up as much and I know this has been around for a while, so I'm late on the review, but hey, you guys voted on Instagram for a swatch and review, so here it is! I may try to do two looks on my youtube channel with this eventually, but I won't say I will any time soon! I'm taking a short break from Youtube to do a little more refining and rebranding, so I do apologise for not posting! I'll be back in March (hopefully!).

Back to the Multi Cube!

The one that I have is in 003 (All About Juicy Peach) and it's right up my alley. I LOVE pinks/peach shades for the eyes. I think that's the most flattering for me. I searched up the other colours that the Multi Cube came in, and needless to say, the peach one is my favourite. I don't think they have a nude/neutral brown version, but if they did, I'd definitely want to get it too!

The first thing I noticed was how small it was. Palettes tend to be on the bulkier side because they need to have a selection of colours. There are 4 eyeshadows and a blush in this little cube palette, and I think that's more or less all you'll need for a quick touch up on the go, or if you want to do a simple make up look.

I'll be flying to Macau in March and I know for sure, this cube is coming with me! In the mean time, this is going to be in my bag for emergencies!

A look inside the cube!

It has a little mirror on the lid, personally, I think the mirror won't be the best to use, but it's definitely good for a quick check and as a contingency! I absolutely love the packaging, it's compact and it's really convenient! I cannot wait to start playing around with these! I'm not sure if I've mentioned this, but I don't like the feel of cardboard packaging (though I suppose it's a lot more environmentally friendly), so I definitely appreciate the quality of the multi cube's packaging.

I think this palette is actually good for people who are starting out with eyeshadows, it does not confuse you with so many colours, and the numbers literally give you an idea on which colour to put on first. It's like a quick tutorial that you carry along with the palette.

Swatched the blusher, No. 5 (Peach Blossom), here! It's a lot lighter than what I would use (if I were in the mood for blush, which is close to never) I think this shade would suit very fair skin tones, and clearly, my skin tone is relatively tanned. Then again, I might end up using this as a shadow since I'm not a blush person.

Consistency wise, I'd say it's quite smooth and buttery to the touch, which is great! It was easy to swatch and it's quite a buildable formula which is great! However, I feel like I'd be getting the least use out of this shade.

Let's take a closer look at the shadows! The names of the shades are actually on the back of the outer packaging, but I accidentally ripped it when I was trying to open it, so I'll just put the names of the shades along with the recommended steps!

No. 1. Pale Peach - This is meant to be a base colour.

No. 2. Glazed Peach - This goes in the middle of the lid!

No. 3. Bourbon Peach - This shade goes in the outer and inner corners of the eyelid to add depth.

No. 4. Peach Fizz - The last shade can be applied on the outer lower lash line.

Swatch Time! As you can see, these shades are relatively light on my skin! I think these shades would be great for everyday use for me because they're nice and subtle. The base shade (Pale Peach) can barely be seen in the picture (if you're having a hard time looking for it, its just above the rose gold shimmer), and honestly, you can't really see it in real life either. I'd say that's a pretty decent base colour!

I found the matte colours (Pale Peach and Bourbon Peach) to be very comfortable to blend and they aren't patchy, which is excellent! Bourbon Peach's colour could build up very well, so I can imagine that you can create different looks with it! There wasn't any fallout as well which is great.

Glazed Peach (a rose gold shimmer) has to be my favourite shade in the entire palette. I'm not ashamed about my obsession with rose gold and this shade did not disappoint me! The formula is smooth, it didn't give and fall out when I swatched it as well so I'm very happy about that!

Sad to say, I found Peach Fizz a little crumbly. It's not terrible, but it was relatively crumbly and there was a tiny bit of fallout. However, it's nothing much to complain about! I realised shades like this do crumble a little more, I'm assuming it has to do with the way the pigment behaves?

Overall, I had a lot of fun trying this palette out! I hope you enjoyed this blogpost and I'll see you guys next week!



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