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CNY2019 Haul & Lookbook

Hello Everyone!

I hope you guys are had a great time preparing for the new year and that you guys are having a great Chinese New Year eve!! I've been pretty busy with work, but I thought I'd do a small haul and Lookbook for my outfits this CNY! You might have read about my post about Capitola Watches last week, and I thought I'd show you guys how versatile their watches are by matching them with all my CNY outfits!

Use my code "CPD15" for 15% off ;) You're welcome! I usually have more outfits prepared, but this year's CNY celebrations are going to be pretty minimal, so I figured I wouldn't need to get that many new outfits. I'm not sure why we always have to get new clothes for the new year, but it was just something that I was taught growing up and it stuck to me. This time round, I'll be sharing 4 outfits with you guys! I don't really enjoy wearing reds because it doesn't really match my skin tone that well, so I stuck to what I know I look better in: pinks and blues. I found out that pink is one of my lucky colours this year too so that's always a bonus!

Just some of the shots that were taken! I know the entire 'shoot' isn't very cohesive in terms of colour and uh.. style. But let me tell you, it's totally intentional HAHA. Nonetheless, I really liked how the photos came out, despite my terrible posing and photo editing skills. A massive thank you to W, for being wonderful and taking these photos for me and helping me to look for spots to shoot.

I mostly got new clothing items, except the leather jacket, which I got in Bangkok a few years back. My accessories and shoes aren't new additions to my collection as well, but to be honest, I don't see the need to buy new shoes anymore, since you'll be taking them off when you go visiting.

I did enjoy putting this little Lookbook together, though I'm not sure when I'll wear each outfit exactly. I planned the ensembles but not which days to wear them on. My reunion dinner is at my place now so I don't really need to dress up too much. I honestly doubt I'd even be able to wear all 4 of these outfits this time round.

Outfit #1: Two Piece Set: H&M (top and bottom sold separately) Leather Jacket: Bangkok

Boots: Dr. Martens Sunglasses: Dior

Watch: Capitola

I don't actually own a two piece set, and when I saw this set in H&M, I thought it was pretty much perfect! I might not really wear the jacket, but I'd probably tie it around my waist since Singapore is just so warm. I definitely think this outfit might be a little hard to wear if you're intending to pig out. Then again, who isn't planning to, right?

Just a fair warning, the top does get a little scratchy after a while, and it's not as elastic as the bottoms. To elaborate, I tend to get heat rash, and materials with silvery thread in them don't tend to sit well on my skin, especially once I start to perspire. So for those of you who have the same issue as me, just take note. I also thought the sizings were a little odd. I usually wear an S for tops and M/L for bottoms (thunder thigh problems) but I got the top in a size S and the bottoms in size XS. So definitely try this on in the changing room before you get them! I love these pieces nonetheless. I love the shade of pink and I love the style of neckline too!

Outfit #2:

Black Crop Top: Cotton On

Skirt: H&M

Leather Jacket: Bangkok Boots: Dr. Martens Sunglasses: Dior

Watch: Capitola

With the same skirt and jacket, I mixed the outfit up with a top I got from Cotton On. It's super comfy and it comes in other colours. I might just consider getting it in white too. The mustard does look good as well, but I don't think it'll look too good on me, unfortunately. This outfit is a lot more casual and better suited for the weather because the top is more breathable.

I don't think the neckline flatters me as much as the H&M top, but I definitely think it's a good addition to anyone's wardrobe because it's so versatile!

Outfit #3: Dress: BYSI

Heels: Ted Baker

Watch: Capitola

I didn't really know if I was into the dress when I first saw it. It was on sale too so it was a whole lot more tempting than it should have been. It's also a colour that I never wear, so I'm not used to it at all, but I think it's not too bad, and maybe I do need something like this in my closet just so that I'm ready for (almost) any occasion!

This is definitely a pig-out friendly outfit! Not too crazy about the straight-cut neckline and I don't think it particularly fits me that great, but this would be something I'd wear to high tea or perhaps lunch at a relatives place. It doesn't show too much skin and it's not very warm too. You can definitely wear flats with these, but I felt quite pudgy so I threw on some heels instead.

Outfit #4: Dress: Cotton On Heels: Ted Baker

Watch: Capitola

Last one! I really love this style of dress. I have another one with a longer skirt from Lollyrouge and I absolutely love it. It's flattering for all body types and I realised it's quite a common piece among brands now. I didn't need to think much when I saw this in Cotton On! The material is very lightweight so there isn't much to worry about when it comes to the weather! My only concern would be that this does fly with the wind so do make sure you have safety shorts underneath or something!

I think this dress would go well with sneakers as well but I already had two casual outfits, so I decided to stick to the heels! I'd say this would be good for a dinner date too - since valentines day is coming soon too! - or if you're up for it, a picnic (without the heels, of course!).

With that, I hope you guys enjoyed this blogpost! Let me know what you're wearing this CNY and if you're packed to the brim or if you get to be chill! Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

xx Shayne

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