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Macau Day 1 & 2 | #chinaphilitravels

Hello Everyone!

It's been a while since I've travelled, so I'm pretty excited to share this blogpost with you guys! As you know, I'm currently in Macau with the Singapore Womens Association (SWA) for the 17th Womens Sports Festival! It's a new experience for me so I'm just really excited to see Macau again, and to enjoy the festivities!

Had a nice little lunch at the airport with Papa Wong and W before flying! I did have quite a bit of an issue with my tickets because I'm not the biggest fan of flying with budget air (mainly spacial issues lol) and when I bought the tickets at first, I didnt know it didn't include so many things! So flying by budget air isn't as budget as you'd think! Then again, my tickets to and fro cost me below $350!

Also, I was sitting away from everyone else, or like some of us had booked our tickets separately so we were all sitting alone somewhere on the plane. I booked my seat in advance so that I'd get a window seat (just so that I could lean my head somewhere.

I did get some work done on the plane, but I didn't get any rest because the people in front of me spoke so loudly and the kid behind me kept kicking my chair. I definitely didn't have a great flight but hey, 4 hours was probably not too bad. I'm just hoping the return trip would be a lot better!

And we're in Macau!!

It was pretty windy when we touched down, and sorta hazy too. I'm not sure if it's a weather thing or pollution, but either way, it was still nice to come back to macau after so many years! The airport was pretty straight forward and hassle free, so no problems there! We touched down at about 6pm and got to the hotel just in time for the welcome dinner! I'll probably put more photos from the welcome dinner when I do my blogpost about the festival!

Sharing a room with Pri! :D

Right after dinner, we got a few drinks, and headed to Cubix at City of Dreams!

If you're wondering, yes, I wore sneakers to the club, and I felt great so no regrets there! I did feel pretty short that's all. The pink grapefruit cocktail thing I drank tasted like grapefruit soda, but honestly, I quite liked it. We did get a few more drinks before going into the club, plus we were super lucky that they were having ladies night too! So we went in for free and drank for free, it was pretty crazy!

Needless to say, we got back at about 5am, and we had to be up by 7am. Probably wasn't our brightest idea, but I suppose it was all in good fun with the girls!

Day 2 started with me feeling really groggy, but we got off our butts anyway and headed over to the performance space! However, we soldiered through the burning heat (thank god it wasn’t humid or I’d be swimming in my sweat haha) and put up a pretty good performance ^^ I didn't have much time to take photos with my own camera, but there were a lot in our group chat so I'll be posting those instead!

We were meant to have lunch and a seminar after, but Pri and I were allowed to give it a little miss, so we caught up on sleep and headed out to the 7-11 nearby to get some lunch before we went to explore!

We didn’t do too well in staying healthy for lunch hahaha. But you can’t expect too much from 7-11 food, right? This collagen drink thing was pretty good, I might get it again soon, but I suppose these are available in Singapore too. The big cup noodles were quite insane, I couldn't finish it. But it was pretty darn yummy!

We walked around and went exploring! Took a kazillion photos as well and it was just a lot of fun! I'd love to have a proper holiday where I don't need to think about having to go to the next event, but that will come in due time! It was nice to have a little free and easy time nonetheless!

After having about and hour or two of taking photos and wandering around the Venetian, we hopped onto a cab to meet everyone else at the Fisherman's Wharf for another dinner! Of course, we took a lot more photos as we wandered around the place, I finally did get to use my camera at this point, so I was quite happy!

Dinner was pretty good, though we didn't have much of an appetite (I'm guessing it's the late lunch) and we were feeling pretty cold at that point! More photos from that dinner will come soon~

To end the night off, we watched a Orchestra performance which was pretty good! But honestly, I was absolutely FREEZING and I was suffering a fair bit. I definitely should have brought a better cardigan with me that night! We were definitely extremely tired by the time we got back to the hotel. I snagged myself a few snacks and here I am typing away while eating curried fishballs!

I really love getting 7-11 food, but it really is not the best for you. Haha! I'll be ending the blogpost here, We'll be having a reasonably exciting day tomorrow so hopefully my next blogpost will be a little more interesting! I'll see you guys in my next blogpost!



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