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One Black Dress, 4 Ways | Sponsored Lookbook

Hello everyone! Just like that, February has gone past and it's already into the last month of the first quarter of 2019! How crazy is that?! The past two months has been nothing but busy schedules, but I wouldn't want it any other way. March is going to be quite an exciting month for me as I will be going to Macau with the Singapore Womens Association for the 17th Womens Sports Festival and I will be embarking on a journey (technically I already am midway through it) with Grace Atelier Weddings in our first Bridestory event! I'm nervous, without a doubt, but I am so grateful and excited to be working with people who believe in me and my supposed talents.

Today's blogpost is actually very kindly sponsored by Wear Is It! They reached out to me, saying they wanted to send me something so I picked out their Laura Casual Long Sleeve Dress in Black and figured I would style this in a few different ways. A basic black dress, to me, is a must in every girl's wardrobe and this black maxi is definitely something I'm glad to add into my collection! Also, the soft and breathable material is great for the Singapore Weather!

Of course, a look isn't complete without accessories. 6th Borough Boutique has also sent me some pieces from their new collection as well, so I thought I'd combine these in the various looks I'm doing to create a sort of 'styling lookbook' for you guys!

Look #1:

Dress: Wear Is It

Shoes: Platinum Mall, Bangkok Sunglasses: Dior

Bracelet: Pandora

Necklace: Antler Necklace in Gold by 6th Borough Boutique

I think this would be one of those 'I didn't want to think about my wardrobe so I threw something on' type of look. Then again, the overall outfit looks presentable. I was definitely the most comfortable in this outfit because all I did was pair the dress with pink shoes, a pair of sunnies and a pretty necklace! I was thinking about adding in a different belt but I felt it was just a little too much, so I decided against it!

Among all the pieces that 6th Borough Boutique sent, I'd say this antler necklace was definitely my favourites. When they gave me my partner code to get my very first piece (they sent me the rest for free haha), this necklace definitely caught my eye and I knew I had to get it. No regrets, because it looks so stunning.

Look #2:

Dress: Wear Is It

Yellow Belt: Platinum Mall, Bangkok Outerwear: The Scarlett Room

Shoes: Superga

Sunglasses: Rayban

Necklace: Dainty Bead Necklace in Onyx by 6th Borough Boutique

I was definitely feeling quite warm. I actually shot this look last because it's just so warm in Singapore. Thankfully, it was very windy when I was shooting this so it wasn't all too bad. I was debating on pairing this look with a leather jacket, but I wasn't too fond of the silhouette. I liked how this was a little more slouchy and had no figure defined. I'd pair this with Dr Martens or a pair of heeled boots to amp up the look as well, but I was leaning towards the sneakers today!

I did have a bit of a problem with this outfit because everywhere was all green green green! And it wasn't easy to find a background that I liked which wouldn't look like I wasn't blending right in. Turns out, I ended up with a lot of shots with this outfit! Super grateful that W had plenty of ideas we could work with.

Look #3:

Dress: Wear Is It

Headband: Philippines

Sandals: Chatuchak, Bangkok

Sunglasses: Miu Miu

Bracelet: Pandora

Blue Bead Necklace: Dainty Bead Necklace in Turquoise by 6th Borough Boutique Blue Goldstone Arrowhead Necklace: BLiiNG

This was probably my favourite outfit out of the 4 (let me know which one you liked the most!) I haven't really been able to style a bandana/head band and I was so happy with how this outfit turned out. I wasn't too sure how I'd like it but, I definitely love it and that's probably how I'll be styling this dress from now on! Doesn't it give sorta boho chic vibes? I realised that the dainty bead series that 6th Borough Boutique has is the perfect necklace for layering! I'm not 100% sure if the stones are real, but I don't think think it particularly matters at this point. If I had to chose, I'd say I prefer the onyx one, solely because it's a lot easier to match with my clothes!

Look #4:

Dress: Wear Is It

Heels: Platinum Mall, Bangkok Sunglasses: Miu Miu

Bracelet: Pandora

Necklace: Signature Lariat Necklace by 6th Borough Boutique

I'd say this look was the hardest for me to style. I wanted to go for something that you could wear to an event or maybe even a wedding dinner of some sort. I did try a gold belt at first but it was just too much with the necklace! So I opted for the sash that came with the dress and it turned out pretty decent! I did wish I had a pair of nice gold heels to go with this look, but I didn't, so nude pumps it was!

This particular necklace is definitely another versatile piece from 6th Borough Boutique! I think this piece is a little hard to layer, so personally, I'd wear it on it's own for a cleaner look. I think an outfit with a plunging neckline would make this piece look amazing!

I hope you guys have enjoyed these 4 looks that I created with a single dress from Wear Is It! View the full lookbook gallery here! Thank you to the Wear Is It and 6th Borough Boutique for sending me these lovely items and for making this Lookbook possible! I had so much fun planning these looks and I'm honestly very happy with the outcome. If you aren't convinced that this dress isn't extremely versatile, you can pop on over to the Wear Is It website and see what pieces might tickle your fancy instead. They do carry floral print pants as well which are really pretty as well! I'll see you guys in the next blogpost!



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