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Macau Day 3 & 4 | #chinaphilitravels

Hello everyone!

I hope you guys are having a great start to the week! I got back to Singapore last night and I had quite a bit of things to do so Day 3 & 4's blogpost is a tad bit later than scheduled! It feels nice to be back in Singapore, but I definitely wished I had more time to explore Macau and do a little more shopping too!

Day 3 started reasonably early because Pri and I decided to hit the gym before breakfast! I did a quick run on the treadmill (felt pretty good, though I'm aching!) and then it was off to breakkie!

A few shots from breakfast! It honestly wasn't anything mindblowing. Plus I was quite sad that they gave me an omelette-looking dish instead of the scrambled eggs I ordered, but nonetheless, it was eggs and I love eggs! We had to head down to the first floor for breakfast in day 3 because there seemed to be quite a huge crowd!

Later on, we headed to a nearby sports complex for the sport activities!

More photos will come in next week's blogpost, I promise! I don't want to spoil anything right now hehe. We weren't supposed to bring our phones and valuables with us so we had to lock everything up in the room before heading down to the sports complex! My competitive spirit was pretty much awoken that morning haha!

After some lunch, we did have a good amount of free time, so they brought us to the other side of Macau!

I actually enjoyed the short bus rides around Macau! There were so many things to look at, and if you didn't know, a lot of the building names and street names are in Portuguese! I didn't realise this the first time I visited Macau, but now that I saw it, I found it quite cool!

First stop: Wynn Palace!

I didn't visit this hotel the last time I came, on the outside, it literally reminds me of a gold bar. Something unique about this place was that they have complimentary cable car rights that bring you to and from the hotel! It's a super short ride, but it was enough to make my palms sweat a teeny bit. But it was fun of course!

The view was pretty good though, the cable car does kinda swing at the corners, but it's all in good fun.

It was pretty dark in Wynn Palace, but it was definitely beautiful! There were interesting flower decor as well as interesting displays at the lobbies! From still sculptures to moving ones! It was definitely very pleasing to look at and stare at for a good few minutes! The shopping there was more to the luxury end, so we didn't stay there too long!

And then we hopped onto the bus and we were off to our next destination!

One of my faves: The Shoppes!

The Shoppes spread out through a few hotels: The Parisian, Venetian and Four Seasons! I think it includes a fourth hotel, but I can't be 100% sure! We got off at the Venetian end at the west wing.

Of course, you can't go to Macau without eating the Portuguese egg tarts! I'm personally not the biggest fan of egg tarts, but for memory's sake, I ate one, and it was honestly pretty good! They had a chocolate variant as well and I actually preferred that a lot more! But I don't think that's actually an egg tart, seemed more like a proper mini chocolate tart. Thank you for buying this for us Cherry! ^^

Did a little shopping, and then we were off to our farewell dinner!

Dinner was at a Portuguese restaurant along a busy little street that sold a lot of food and souvenirs! We didn't get to walk around after dinner, but it was pretty busy!

Dinner started off with a lot of seafood which I don't eat, but thank goodness there were quite a fair bit of meat in the end! I was definitely very full by the end of the night and I think I had a meat overload! But it was great for our final dinner in Macau! We then hopped back onto the bus, and back to the hotel we went.

Day 4 started pretty late as well, we had breakfast at about 9am. Pri and I didn't really put much thought into anything and ended up heading to breakfast in the hotel robes, which I sort of feel silly doing right now, but it seemed like a great idea yesterday because we were so tired!

After a good breakfast and checking out after a short boxing session with Pri, I headed out with Eileen and Roxanne to the nearby shops!

Plenty of photo-taking done!

We discovered an amazing brown sugar bun on the streets as well, probably never will find something so soft and amazing ever again.

We had gone out at about 11am, but we only realised that the shops opened around 12nn or 1pm which was pretty late! And we had to be back at the hotel by 3pm so we could take the bus to the airport. Of course, that meant we didn't get too much shopping done. I did get a few pieces here and there, perhaps I'll do a mini haul or something!

We met up with Cherry for lunch as well!

Pretty epic lunch, if you ask me!

We went to a sort of Hong Kong-styled cafe where they served just a few things on the menu, but they were really really amazing. The queue was so long but we got a seat pretty quickly! We got the thick toast (my personal fave), charsiew slices on rice, fried noodles and the hor fun. Of course, we got the milk tea as well, which was pretty strong and to my delight, wasn't sweetened! It was such a sinful lunch, but it was definitely delicious!

Then, it was time to bid Macau goodbye.

Day 4 definitely went by very quickly, considering we didn't have too much time to walk around and eat. I know I didn't do a lookbook this time round, I was pretty distracted this trip! But like I said, I may do a tiny haul since I did get a few things here and there! I'll be ending my blogpost here, I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I'll see you in my next one!



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