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Luna & Lucifer + Vimpoke Lookbook

Hello Everyone!

I'm glad to present another lookbook! I think this is more of a 'mini' lookbook since I'm only doing two looks. This blogpost is in a collaboration with two brands: Luna & Lucifer and Vimpoke! Vimpoke has generously given me a discount code for you guys to use if you're interested in any of their pieces. Just use 'dollamr50' for 40% off at the checkout! I was supposed to have a code for Luna and Lucifer, but somehow it isn't really working anymore and they aren't replying my emails anymore, but just incase it's up again, use the code 'GG_SHAYNEFW' for 15% off! You can check out my other affliliate codes here. These two companies didn't really approach me at the same time, but the items did arrive just a few days apart, and I figured, I could just pair them up together, and make a lookbook! I did wear the shoes before, you might have seen them on my instagram! Just a disclaimer: Luna and Lucifer are making me think twice about their credibility. Apart from the promocode issue that I'm currently fixing and as nice as they seemed on instagram/email, I did have a bit of an issue with getting my package from them - I had to email in saying that I had no news of where it was, and I got it so much later than expected. I ordered it at the end of mid January and I got a WORKING promocode just a day after. However, I didn't receive anything until the later end of March, and that was after I had emailed them asking where my package was - which they also responded to very quickly! I also realised that they said that they were based in LA and stuff, but I had received a package from somewhere else (in Asia). My guess it's where their factory is, so I'm not going to dwell too much into it! I wished I did take a snap to show you guys or did and unboxing so that I could just show you guys, but too bad I suppose? I didn't really want to bring this up either but since there were quite a few small hiccups happening here and there, I decided to just bring it up.

I DO NOT intend to defame them in anyway. Afterall, they did send me items that looked like the pictures and although a little high-priced for their quality, I still like them, hence, I went ahead with doing the lookbook. I will definitely share my thoughts about where I felt the quality fell short so you guys can take note if you're looking into getting items from them as well.

Alright, enough with the not-so-happy stuff, let's get started with this mini lookbook!

Look 1:

Top + Skirt: Luna & Lucifer

Shoes: Vimpoke

Sunglasses: Rayban

I love this two-piece from Luna and Lucifer. Unfortunately, they sort of left out any form of lining so the pieces are both pretty sheer. Which is honestly a shame because you can literally see my safety shorts through the skirt. But I like the material nonetheless. Just wished it was made better, especially considering the price (which are in USD btw)! I did try finding the item on their site but I can't seem to find them anymore?

In case my blogpost is beginning to look like I'm slamming on the brand lol. This two-piece is called the Chevie set, and honestly, apart from the lack of lining, I like the look of it. I love the tie-back detail and the adjustable straps on the top and the elastic at the back of the skirt! I don't really mind that the buttons aren't actually real buttons because, it doesn't really affect the way I wear the piece.

Look 2:

White Top: Luna & Lucifer

Black Top: Macau Boutique

Shoes: Vimpoke

Sunglasses: Rayban

The white top I used was also from the Chevie set, and this skirt (which i also realised isn't on the site anymore...) is called the Rica Skirt. This came in another colour, but I decided on the black since I wear mostly black bottoms! I think I should have gotten a size up for sure because this is quite short! And I think this is the type of skirt that doesn't suit my body type, but it is quite a pretty skirt.

The best part is that it comes with little shorts inside! Which is a complete quality difference from the Chevie skirt! I definitely appreciate the quality of this piece more, on the down side, this wasn't as flattering! Of course, this was a lot more expensive, so I'd definitely be hoping for a little short inside at least!!

It's actually quite similar to the toni skirt which is up on their site! But this has a little more detailing at the waistband. Honestly, I prefer the new toni skirt's wasitband because its thicker, and doesn't create that slight 'poof'. Unfortunately, I haven't found anything ont he new site that's too similar to the Chevie set just yet. Hopefully they bring in a new and improved version of it soon!

Now, let's talk about the shoes!

These beauties are from Vimpoke! I don't think they make their own shoes for sure. The lining of the shoes had some other brand on it, but it doesn't matter since I didn't really read anything about them having in-house designers. I suppose their designs are curated more than self manufactured, which is okay! Anyway, more about the shoes themselves. They are pretty lightweight, which I actually enjoy, I usually prefer heavier shoes, but these have a decent weight (in my opinion) so I'm not too bothered! They're pretty chunky, so you won't expect them to be very light! They're reasonably stable as well, which I appreciate. The shoes are slightly narrow for me, but I do have funky feet, so it isn't their fault. I got blisters wearing these for the first time, so hopefully the shoe softens up a little bit over time! I love the chain detail across the front as well and that was sort of what attracted me to this pair. There were definitely other pairs that caught my attention, but I didn't want to buy too many at a time! I may consider getting another pair in future~

I hope you guys enjoyed this blogpost, and that April has been treating you well! I'll see you in my next blogpost!



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