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Mrs & Classic Mrs Singapore 2019 | Cooking Competition

Hello Everyone!

Welcome back to the blog! Today, We'll be looking at part 2 of the Mrs Singapore weekend that happened at Our Tampines Hub last week - The Cooking Competition! Personally, this isn't my exact favourite segment because there's a fair bit of waiting. There's nothing much for me to take photos/videos of during the given time for cooking. However, the fun comes when they present their dishes to the judges!

This year, the contestants will be making use of the Mayer set meal cooker to create a few dishes for our judges! This amazing cooker is meant to allow you to prepare 4 dishes - a soup, a vegetable, a meat dish and a rice dish. It's not strictly restricted to these 4 for our contestants, but they were meant to come up with 4 different dishes to present to the judges. It was interesting to see what each contestant came up with. After the demonstration during the talent round, I was pretty amazed and I wanted one for myself! It's very quick and easy to use!

The Judges- pictured on the bottom left:

(Left to right) Mrs Singapore Universe 2018 - Christine Kunasekaran

Mayer Marketing Executive - Olivia Ong

Chef-Owner of 1925 Brewing Co. - Chef Ivan Yeo Design Director of Moonberry Creative - Irene Moon Santoso

And the competition begins! The contestants prepared various options for the judges, some got really creative with their dishes and presentation. It was quite interesting to see how their dishes came together. There were aromas floating around the festive plaza, and I think I speak for most of us, one of the most exciting aroma was that of the curry dishes.

Don't these just look amazing?! I was quite mind blown just looking at what some of them came up with. Some of them had dishes that were plated as sharing portions, some had individual servings for the 4 judges. Even though I mentioned this is not the most exciting segment in the pageant, this cooking competition is unique to the Mrs pageants. I realised that a lot of the contestants presented their dishes with their children in mind.

A lot of them presented things that were healthier and were 'child friendly' which was cute of course. Some contestants had their kids watching at the sides, some had their kids with them. The contestants were only allowed one assistant with them within the cooking area. most of them had their husbands, There's always something so romantic about cooking with your significant other, then again, being in a competition probably isn't THAT romantic. I'd imagine it was fun for them nonetheless. We definitely need to give a shoutout to all the supportive husbands out there who have their wives' backs!

Let's get into the sequence of events.

After the competition begins, the contestants cook their dishes with the given appliance (as mentioned, we have Mayer's Set Meal Cooker this time), plate up, and bring it forward to present the dishes to the judges!

The judges then get to taste their dishes and then present their comments.

I wished I could tell you how these dishes tasted, but I was too busy taking photos at the front table to run around to give them all a little taste.

I need to give a shoutout to contestant No. 2: Lee Xiu Pei, Lilian, for the effort she put into her station. Her presentation was also amazing (its the one with the tiles and small porcelain dishes) and it definitely caught my eye.

And now, the top 3 winners! Unlike the talent round, the top 3 don't have to cook again during the grand finals. They're presented with prizes and that's that! Speaking of the finals, I can't wait! 2

Third place (Left):

Contestant No. C2: Melissa Lim Prize: Mayer Electric Hot Pot with Steamer Second Place (Middle) Contestant No: C10: Chitra Devi Govindasamy Prize: Mayer Bread Maker First Place (Right):

Contestant No. 9: Yuko Ashizawa Prize: Mayer Mighty Air Fryer

I decided to put photos of their dishes in the little gallery thingo as well so you can see how amazing their dishes looked! I was blown away by their presentations and also, the aroma of that curry was amazing. I'm crazing for curry as I type this blogpost!

Congratulations to the winners! Great job, ladies. I'll be looking forward to seeing you at the grand finals on the 11th of May! I'll be posting the vlog sometime this week as well, so do keep a lookout! I'll see you guys in my next blogpost!



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