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Mrs Singapore Chinatown 2019 | Event Lookbook

Hello everyone!

I'm back with the last lookbook and blogpost of 2019! Unfortunately, it'll be quite a short one as I've missed some of the fringe events for the Mrs Singapore Chinatown Pageant this year. On the bright side, Julian has helped me snap photos for this lookbook! View the full lookbook here.

Cooking Segment

Dress: Platinum Mall, Bangkok

Top: Pratunam Market, Bangkok

Boots: Dr. Martens

Necklace: Moonglow

Earrings: Envie Label

First time having space buns for the entire day! I was quite proud of this look. I was quite worried about wearing this hairstyle out but I've come to like it! I do it pretty often now but they don't last very long because I tend to get a headache after a few hours. But, these did last me until the end of the event so I'm very very happy! I do kind of regret not wearing something baggy because we were literally going to eat a fair bit during the event (we gotta taste the dishes cooked by the contestants, right? LOL) and a double-layer outfit wasn't very smart either because the Oasis Terrace was not air conditioned. Then again, I really liked this outfit!

Grand Finals

Gown: Blush House Bridal

Earrings: Lovisa

Necklace: Lovisa

I unfortunately didn't get to work with Alelux this time round, but I'm grateful to be able to work with Blush House Bridal! As I mentioned before, Blush House Bridal belongs to Joyce, who is a really close friend of mine, one of my best friends, in fact! I was really excited to wear one of her gowns! I should have lost more weight though, I could have had a few more options, HAHA. Then again, I was super happy with the gown I picked in the end!

I really don't know if anyone got the reference but I was really into this gown because of the flutter sleeves, it really reminded me of the Wilis from the Giselle ballet. So I had to do my hair up of course, it was just so fitting. There wasn't any time for alterations of course, so the gown was a tad bit long on me, but thankfully, the platform heels made it a whole lot easier!

Unfortunately, that is the end of my lookbook and this is the final blogpost for 2019! It's been quite a year! I hope you guys have had a great 2019, it was full of major ups and downs for me but I suppose it's these things in life that make you who you are as a person. I'll see you in 2020! Happy Holidays!




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