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Mrs Singapore Chinatown 2019 | Talent & Cooking Segments

Hello everyone!

It's pageant season again! This time, we'll be following the contestants from the Mrs & Classic Mrs Singapore Chinatown pageant! Similarly to the Mrs Singapore pageant, there are two age categories: Mrs (25 - 44years old) and the Classic Mrs (45 years old and above). This is obviously a pageant for married women, but they don't necessarily have to be mothers.

If you haven't watched the vlog, you can click on over here!

Talent Round

If you haven't watched the vlog yet, you wouldn't know that I did miss more than half of the talent round. It was so unfortunate, but I rushed down right after my filming schedule so I could catch the ladies in action! I did manage to catch a few of their items, and you might have seen little snippets on my instagram stories too!

It was a pretty impromptu decision to rush down since I wasn't scheduled to wrap my shoot so early, but thankfully my it ended early so I decided to take a cab down to Oasis Terrace in Punggol all the way from Mount Faber. It was nice to see everyone from ERM again, unfortunately, I didn't get to really meet the contestants this time round, and I had to vlog with my phone so it wasn't particularly fun. Of course, I'm still glad I did catch the last few performances!


Top Left - Contestant No. C10: Vivienne Loh

Top Right - Contestant No. C9: Jane Wa

Bottom Left - Contestant No. C3: Patricia Wong

Bottom Right - Contestant No. C5: Crystal Thomas

Top 5 :

Contestant No. 4: Clanna Chuang

Contestant No. 6: Lu Meng Qiu

Contestant No. C3: Patricia Wong

Contestant No. C6: Vivienne Chooi

Contestant No. C10: Vivienne Loh

Congratulations for making it to the top 5 for talent, ladies! We'll get to see them perform once again during the finals this Sunday, so I'm definitely excited!

I did get to snap a photo with Mrs Singapore Universe 2019; Minhua! Her international pageant's coming soon so let's wish her all the very best. I can't wait to do a Tea with Queens piece with her too!

Cooking Competition

I did miss a huge bulk of the talent round, but I was ready for the Cooking Competition the next day! It was also held at the Oasis Terrace in Punggol! I did get to mingle with the contestants a little bit more this time since I was wandering around from table to table to look at what each of the contestants were up to.

It was quite busy at the atrium, the contestants were allowed one assistant to help them during the cooking competition! Some of them had their children or siblings, while some had their husbands help them out! Of course, other members of the family could be spotted around the competition area showing their support!

Decided to try out a new hairstyle this time too, in the true spirit of Chinatown and the Chinese hashtag (#中菲娃娃) that Walter came up with when we were at the Asia Fashion Awards in Chong Qing! Haha! I used it throughout that trip and during the Mrs Chinatown pageants now, just because!

Back to the competition! the whole place was filled with various aromas and sizzling sounds. The contestants were sponsored a wok and a few other condiments from Knife and both these elements were to be used for the competition!

My buddy for the day was Irene, the reigning Mrs Singapore Chinatown! We've been mentally preparing ourselves for this segment for a while now, telling each other we'd bring chopsticks - which I somehow managed to FORGET, but she didn't! So I borrowed her chopsticks here and there when we were walking around happily tasting all the dishes that the contestants prepared!

Look at all that amazing food! It smelt so good!

Of course, candids are a must! Thank you Julian!

Also thank you for shooting ootd shots for me all the time and for the lookbook (coming soon hehe)!

More food for you foodies out there! Don't these dishes look amazing? Of course there were a lot more dishes but I personally felt these caught my eye! Of course I got to taste some of them, and I was not disappointed! I was honestly amazed by the Bacang (middle), I did get to try it after she presented it to the judges and it's so delicious! And it was done within an hour, which usually isn't the case when making bacang, so it definitely amazed me and everyone else! I also noticed that there was a lot of chinese wine being used throughout the day! I'll just let you guys imagine the aromas that I got to experience~

And now, the winners of the cooking competition! Our winners received prizes sponsored by Nushi!

2nd Runner Up: Contestant No. C2: Uginia Tay

Contesant No. 2: Maggie Chow

Contestant C9: Jane Wa

Congratulations, ladies! I hope you're really proud of what you've managed to achieve so far! As I've mentioned earlier, the grand finals will be held this Sunday! I'll see you guys in my next blogpost!



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