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Mrs Singapore Chinatown 2019 | Grand Finals

Hello Everyone!

What a year it has been! I can't believe that this blogpost will be the last pageant blogpost of the year and next week's lookbook will be the absolute last post of 2019. It's so crazy! I cannot thank ERM Singapore enough for always having me at their various pageants, it's always a joy to see them.

In case you're new to the whole pageant thing, there are two categories for this pageant: the Mrs. catergory, for married women aged between 25 to 44, and the Classic Mrs category, for women ages 45 and above. At the end of the pageant, two titles will be given away:

Mrs Singapore Chinatown 2019

Classic Mrs Singapore Chinatown 2019

These ladies will then represent Singapore in the respective international pageants!

If you haven't watched the vlog yet, you can watch it here.

The night began with a ribbon dance by the Metta Welfare Association

Opening speeches (left to right)

Dorcas Tan - Organising Chairperson for Mrs Singapore Chinatown 2019

Angela Tay - Managing Director of ERM Singapore

Mr Lim Biow Chuan - Member of Parliament | Mountbatten SMC

The contestants came on stage with their opening number! And as always, they took turns to walk down the stage and introduce themselves one by one before the top 5 from the talent round took the stage again to compete for the title of 'Best in Talent'!

Top 5 Talent

Contestant No. 4: Clanna Chuang

Clanna did a dance number for us, and it involved so many elements! I didn't get to see much of the talent round previously because of work so I'm not sure how much has changed from the original routine! I appreciate the effort to include many props in her item!

Top 5 Talent

Contestant No. 6: Lu Meng Qiu

I loved Meng Qiu's item, it was such a shame that I didn't get to see what she did during the talent round previously. I really do appreciate a solid dance item and you can tell she has spent years dancing. She's a dance teacher as well, so it's no surprise that she looks amazing on stage!

Top 5 Talent

Contestant No. C3: Patricia Wong

Patricia sang for us, and it was a really lively performance! I think it takes a lot of effort and confidence to be able to command the attention of an audience just by singing. I felt that she did an amazing job!

Top 5 Talent

Contestant No. C6: Vivienne Chooi

Vivienne did a zumba item for us, it was full of energy and she had quite a number of her friends join her on stage! I don't think I've seen a contestant bring so many people on stage for a talent item during the finals, so it was a first for me! If you watched the vlog, I hope Banana Cha Cha is stuck in your head too!

Top 5 Talent

Contestant No. C10: Vivienne Loh

Last but not least, Vivienne performed another dance item for us, but concentrated on one prop. I enjoy watching performances with these fans because the way the material flows is just so mesmerising!

After the top 5 contestants for the talent round performed, the ladies came back on stage in Qipaos by My Fine Collections, and some sub awards were given out!

Now it's time for some Subsidiary Awards:

Eloquence Award 2019: Contestant No. C5 Crystal Thomas

Optimist Award 2019: Contestant No.3 April Ng

Most Confidence 2019: Contestant No. 8 Rosalie Diamante Nair

Most Elegant 2019: Contestant No. 4 Clanna Chuang

Personality Queen 2019: Contestant No. 2 Maggie Chow

Inspiration Award 2019: Contestant No. C10 Vivienne Loh

Best Fitness Award 2019: Contestant No. C6 Vivienne Chooi

Popularity Queen 2019: Contestant No. C2 Uginia Tay

Contestant of the Year 2019: Contestant No. C1 Madeline Leong

Congeniality Award 2019: Contestant No. 5 Amy Wu

Most Supportive Family 2019: Contestant No. C3 Patricia Wong

Most Supportive Husband 2019: Contestant No. C6 Vivienne Chooi

This year's sponsors:

Adopted Charity: Metta Welfare Association

Presenting Sponsors: 300K Positive, Oudao Perlane

Theresa Holdings:

Mirage Aesthetic:

Ingenious Beauty:

Dr. D Aesthetics:

Isabella Aesthetics:

Levon Beauty & Wellness:

The ORCHID Skin:

Shunji Matsuo:

Arium Collection:

My Fine Collections:

The Makeover Inc:

The School of Make Up:

Lee Wei Song School of Music:

Hotel Penaga:

Pinang Peranakan Mansion:

FTZ Travel:

Housing Development Board:

Little Flower Hut:

The ladies came out onto the stage once again, dressed in Qipaos by My Fine Collection!

And it's time for more Subsidiary Awards:

Star Chef Award 2019: Contestant No. C9 Jane Wa

Photogenic Award 2019: Contestant No. C3 Patricia Wong

Mrs Mirage Aesthetics 2019: Contestant No. C3 Patricia Wong

Mrs Dazzling Nails 2019: Contestant No. C3 Patricia Wong

Mrs Beautiful Body 2019: Contestant No. C3 Patricia Wong

Best in Talent 2019: Contestant No. 6 Le Meng Qiu

Mrs 3K Positive 2019: Contestant No. 3 April Ng

Mrs Oudao 2019: Contestant No. C2 Uginia Tay

Beauty with a Heart 2019: Contestant No. C8 Jenn Ho

Charity Queen 2019: Contestant No. C9 Jane Wa

Goodwill Ambassador 2019: Contestant No. 9 Daphne Neo

Community Ambassador 2019: Contestant No. C3 Patricia Wong

Presenting all the raised funds from this year's pageant to the Metta Welfare Association!

Well done ladies!

And then there were 11! There were the top 5 contestants from the Mrs Category, and a Top 6 (yes, there was a tie!) for the Classic Mrs Category! With less than a few minutes to spare, the contestants were welcomed back on stage for the Q&A!

Top 5 - Mrs Category

Contestant No. 4: Clanna Chuang

Contestant No. 5: Amy Wu

Contestant No. 3: April Ng

Contestant No. 6: Lu Meng Qiu

Contestant No. 2: Maggie Chow

Top 6 - Classic Mrs Category

Contestant No. C10: Vivienne Loh

Contestant No. C8: Jenn Ho

Contestant No. C1: Madeline Leong

Contestant No. C9: Jane Wa

Contestant No. C6: Vivienne Chooi

Contestant No. C3: Patricia Wong

The following headshots were taken from ERM Singapore's facebook page.

Photography by The Makeover Inc

Jewellery by Arium Collection

Firstly, let's start with the top 5 from the Mrs Category!

Contestant No. 4: Clanna Chuang

Clanna's wishes to encourage more volunteers to reach out to single mothers, in hope of giving them motivation and support to help them achieve independence. She shared that she herself had a few friends who have become single mothers, and it had spurred her on to take on this platform.

Her question was what her take back from Mrs Singapore Chinatown 2019 was. I love asking queens about what they enjoyed most about their pageant journey when I interview them for a piece for Tea With Queens, and Clanna's answer was not very far: meeting her pageant sisters, getting to know them has helped her to build up the platform that she was advocating for.

Contestant No. 5: Amy Wu

Amy's platform was to help children with dyslexia, which included helping their parents to deal with the condition. Amy shared that her own children suffer from dyslexia and in order to help them, she joined parent support groups where parents who have kids with dyslexia exchange advice and experiences. She is also volunteers with the Dyslexia Association of Singapore (DAS), helping them to raise funds and hopes to be able to have talks about dyslexia to raise awareness.

Her question was what her greatest obstacle was, I personally think that this question is quite a toughie because you have to be self critical without degrading yourself. She shared that her greatest obstacle was public speaking, and in order to overcome this fear that she has, she became a guide at the Chinatown Heritage Centre where she holds tours and mingles with tourists and even students. Of course, it wasn't easy for her, but I think it takes a great amount of courage to face your fears head on!

Contestant No. 3: April Ng

April's Platform was to help animals with special needs. Having adopted a paralysed kitten herself, she had a very close bond with it. Although putting it to sleep seemed like the only option back then, she didn't want to just end its life. April hopes to be able to give talks and campaigns in order to raise awareness for these special little critters, how owners can cope with their special paw kids's conditions and that 'paralysis is not a death sentence'.

Her question was about the saying 'Behind every successful man, is a woman', and how she viewed herself regarding this quote. April shared that this woman needs to be encouraging, supportive, adapting and capable. Despite not being the wealthiest, she felt that her husband was still a successful person in life because of his attitude. Being a stay-home mum, she shared that she did everything she could to support her husband who was an entrepreneur.

Contestant No. 6: Lu Meng Qiu

Meng Qiu shared that she believed in giving back to society, so she has volunteered at various organisations as well as brought her kids to old folks homes to perform for them as well.

She was asked to share on life-changing experience in her life, and she shared that there will always be something that will change your life no matter how small. She also mentioned that talent is regardless of age, and that if you work hard everyday, you'll have a bright future despite what life may throw at you!

Contestant No. 2: Maggie Chow

Last but not least, we have Maggie, who's platform was to promote recycling activities in Singapore in order to promote a greener society. She hopes to collaborate with various communities in order to influence the public to recycle more. Maggie even started recycling activities in her condominium and shared that the response was rather encouraging too.

She was asked about how she would respond to people who questioned/criticised her decision to join a beauty pageant. Maggie shared that beauty isn't the sole criteria when it came to judging in a pageant, it takes the contestant's intelligence, overall performance and passion for their platform that affects the judge's decisions.

And now, we move on to the Classic Mrs Category!

Contestant No. C10: Vivienne Loh

Vivienne's platform is Women in Need (WIN), which she started 16 years ago, in order to help women who are going through hardships, especially due to miscarriages or still birth. WIN eventually evolved into a coaching/teaching platform for women who are getting out of a divorce or even expat women who may find it difficult adapting to life in Singapore.

Her question was what made her different from the others, and her answer was simple: she was an all rounder, sharing that she was both artistic and intellectually inclined, as well as emotionally intuitive! I think it takes a lot of self confidence to say something like that on the stage, but I think she did swimmingly. She was definitely someone who was eloquent and I felt she spoke on stage very well. I did get to talk to her a little during the cooking round and she was lovely! Of course, she was one of the top 5 in the talent round as well, so she definitely was walking the talk.