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Mrs & Classic Mrs Singapore 2019 | Event Lookbook

Hello everyone!

This is my very last blogpost revolving around the Mrs & Classic Mrs Singapore 2019 pageant - my event lookbook! I decided that doing a lookbook would be fun since I'm trying to create lookbooks every now and then anyway!

So for those of you who may not understand much about what I do, I blog for pageants, and the Mrs & Classic Mrs Singapore 2019 pageant has just ended with the coronation last week. I enjoy attending pageants (not participating, though) and watching the contestants evolve and grow. If you'd like to read more about the pageant, you can do so via the following links:

With that aside, let's start with the lookbook, shall we? Huge thank you to Joyce for snapping photos of the first two outfits and my parents for snapping the shots for my Grand Finals outfit :') As always, you can find the full lookbook via by clicking here.

Outfit 1: Talent Round

Top: EzBuy Jeans: Zara

Jacket: adidas

Shoes: Puma

Necklace: Moon Glow

I think this outfit is something that I wear so often. Before I discovered these amazing high rise jeans from Zara, I always for thistop with shorts or a flare culotte. I love this pair of jeans because they're so stretchy and it doesn't make me feel as insecure about my big thighs as other jeans do.

I literally have this top in 4 colours, I absolutely love it. It's knit, and it's super comfortable and light! Not to mention, quite stretchy and breathable. Plus, it's less than $10 so I don't know what's there to not like about it.

Although I said I don't feel as insecure with my thighs as usual, I still feel conscious about them, so I like wrapping a flannel or a jacket around my waist to sort of give an illusion of not-so-massive-thighs. Let's be real, it's never really cold in Singapore so the jacket's for pure aesthetics rather than function. These shoes have been a fave alongside my supergas. They're so comfortable, I love them to death! The only complaint I have is that the rose gold element at the heel peels off, and mine has a giant chunk missing, which is a real bummer. As for the necklace, this piece is close to my heart. My boyfriend got this customised for me last christmas. What Moon Glow does is create jewellery (necklaces, rings, bracelets and even earrings) with the moon phase of your choice. So what I have is a dual pendant in rose gold. If I'm not wrong, all their pieces glow in the dark. I must admit that they do have some form of magnetic material, so the dual pendant or triple pendants will sort of stick together every now and then, but to me, it isn't much of an issue. But I think it may be annoying to some, so just keep that in mind when you're deciding on which piece to buy.

So, if you're wondering: one moon represents my birthday, and the other one represents my boyfriend's birthday. I love the moon and astrology, so this is probably one of the most precious things he has gifted me. I don't have a code for you guys, this isn't a sponsored post for Moon Glow. I just really love the necklace.

Shirt: Zara

Shorts: Bershka

Socks: H&M

Boots: Dr Martens

I got the top and shorts while I was in Macau. I remembered falling in love with this shirt when I walked into Zara and I literally didn't care that I spent $50 on it (sounds painful now, to be honest) and that it was two sizes bigger than what I'd normally wear. I picked it and paid for it. It was funny because I thought I'd feel a little more cooled in this, since it was translucent, but it did make me feel quite warm during the cooking segment, so perhaps, this wasn't the brightest idea. I still love it though.

These shorts might just be my new favourite. I love that it's elastic at the waist and that my thunder thighs fit just fine! The material's soft as well, so they're really comfortable. I know these came in a baby pink, green and white, but I didn't really fancy the shade of pink or green, nor did I want to wear white shorts, so I stuck to just having one pair of shorts.

Since I was being really monochrome, I decided to have some sort of craziness with my footwear, so I went with my printed Dr Martens and some leopard print socks. I'm not sure why I thought it was a good idea then, but I might have just done better with a pair of black socks or my black glitter Dr. Martens instead.

Outfit 3: Grand Finals

Gown: Alelux Luxury Gown Rentals

Bag: Bangkok

Shoes: Anna Nucci Butterfly Clip: H&M

This is the outfit I'm the most excited about. My gown that was kindly sponsored by Alelux! Adeline has always been incredibly kind to me, and her gowns have never disappointed! I do disappoint myself when I go to her shop because I eye a certain gown, but I never end up being able to lose enough weight to wear it. But like I said, she always has a beautiful gown in my size!

The theme this time found was flowers and feathers, so I went along with the florals. I love this shade of blue! There were a few to chose from, but this definitely stood out to me, plus it has pockets (I'm still not over it) so it was super convenient for me cuz I could have my phone in my pocket instead of in my bag or in my hands.

I wore shoes by Anna Nucci, and they decided to fail on me midway through the pageant. They literally fell apart, so I was constantly wandering around barefoot until the very end. I did try to get them fixed at the cobbler, but it seems like they're unable to just glue it back because it'll 100% fall apart again. I'm gutted, but I guess it's an excuse to get a new pair of heels for my pageant events, aye?

I hope you guys enjoyed this little lookbook blogpost. I definitely enjoyed myself during the pageant events and I can't wait for the Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant in August! Hoping Miss Earth Singapore will get back to me about letting me blog for them, but that's for fate to decide, I suppose! I'll see you guys in my next blogpost! (:



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