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May Box Review | #NoMakeNoLife

Hello everyone! Can you believe it's the end of May?! I'm quite mind-blown myself, time just seem to go past faster and faster as the year goes by! This is my 4th box from No Make No Life, and I'll admit that I wished I didn't end my subscription with them, but perhaps in due time, I can reactivate it!

This month's theme is Natural Beauty, and I'd say this is my fave booklet so far. I love the shade of pink! Let's look into the contents of this month's box, shall we?

Lip Tint Jam in No. 4 Espresso Jam by Canmake

I did expect this shade to be more of a brown-tone, but apparently this is just a very dark warm red. It doesn't particularly taste or smell pleasant, but the consistency isn't bad, to be honest! It's more of a jelly-like consistency, unlike the water-based lip tint in the previous box. I felt this wasn't as drying as expected, so I did quite enjoy this product in terms of formula, but not too fond of the shade itself. It is definitely a colour that you can layer and build, but I'm personally not too fond of something too dark so I was very happy with a single layer or colour!

Oh My Lash Mascara in No. 4 Curling by Etude House

I haven't had a mascara wand like this in a long time, and I must say I'm enjoying it more than expected! This still uses the fibre brush instead of the new plastic ones that we see nowadays. Unfortunately, I don't have much use for a mascara as I have eyelash extensions, so I only managed to test this mascara on my bottom lashes.

It does work pretty well, since the brush is quite small! my actual lashes aren't that long so I couldn't particularly see a curling effect that this mascara was meant to have. However, I noticed there wasn't any form of clumping or smudging, so I'd say this mascara is pretty decent!

Brush Cleaning Sheets by Speed Off

I like to give my brushes a wash every one or two weeks (and my beauty blender after every use), and honestly, washing them can be such a chore because I've a few of them! Well, nothing like those beauty gurus of course, but it's still a fair few! I personally like to wash them will the beauty blender cleanser and scrub them with a silicone brush cleaner and run water through them until the water runs clear.

I've not managed to give these wipes a go yet, but they are supposed to contain alkaline electrolyzed water which is supposed to help with removing all that oil, sebum and dirt from the brushes!

Just a small tip from No Make No Life that I thought I should share with you guys: How often we should clean our brushes?

Foundation or Concealer Brushes: Once a week

Eye Make Up Brushes: Twice a month

Other Brushes: Once a month. I'd say I'm pretty good with my personal brush regime! What about you guys?

Fragrance Body Sheets in Pink Grapefruit by Fiancee

I was slightly disappointed by these wet wipes. The only thing I enjoyed about them was that I felt refreshed by them for quite a while, but I still prefer my Biore Powder Wipes. These wipes definitely have that strong sort of alcohol smell, so rest assured these might not be the best for your face! To me, they did not particularly smell like pink grapefruit which was the most disappointing thing for me since I'm a huge fan. These are meant to have a menthol cooling effect, but I honestly did not really feel much of it when I used them! We could definitely blame the high humidity in Singapore for sure, but I'd say these make decent emergency body wipes, but not necessarily a go-to!

Japanese Bath Powder

You guys know I don't have a bathtub to soak myself in, so I did give this a go in the shower. I'd say it's a pretty good exfoliant, and I wasn't disappointed by the orange blossom scent that came with this one! There were two other scents: Snake Gourd Plant and Chrysanthemum. I'd say I would have loved the one I received the most!

The powder I received was a medium orange tone, so you can roughly imagine how my body looked when I tried lathering it onto my skin. Yes, very very orange.

Horro Mask by Berrisom

If they send us a horror mask in May, I can only imagine what they'd send us for October's box! The mask I received contains black rice extract to make dry skin clearer, as well as to improve the elasticity and moisture levels in the skin. I definitely had fun with this particular mask, but I realised the scent was quite similar to the pearl one I got in April's box!

As usual, I left it on for a good 15mins before taking it off, although I've oily skin, this did not seem to make my skin feel sticky, which I definitely appreciate!

Fluffy Cleansing Pad

So this is a take on a reusable make up remover wipe. I was quite hesitant about using it as instructed, which was to use this cleansing pad with lukewarm water instead of using make up remover and cotton pads. Then again, I was never fantastic at following instructions, so I decided to use this after I've removed my make up with my make up remover. In other words, this is the second step in my makeup removal routine! It's definitely gentle on the skin, but not as gentle as the asian potato sponge that they've sent in April's box. The good thing about this pad is that it's thin, and you can pack it up during your travels with ease and its definitely easier to clean!

Patting Panda Tool

When I first got this I thought it was absolutely silly. But it turned out to be pretty fun to use.

I wasn't sure how to use this at first because there wasn't much instructions to begin with, I definitely thought it was a kawaii take on gua sha for the face, but this is just an innovative way to have your toner and moisturiser absorb into your skin!

I don't really see much of a difference between using this and patting on product with your hands, I suppose this tool just makes everything more fun. I must say that the ears (you sort of fasten a piece of cotton wool or tissue soaked in your favourite skincare and with the ears) tend to fall out easily, so that's relatively frustrating, but nonetheless, fun to use.

I hope you guys enjoyed this month's review for the No Make No Life subscription box! I cannot wait for you guys to watch the unboxing for June's box, which I'm most excited for since it's my birthday month! I'll see you in my next blogpost!



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