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MUZMM Backpacks Review

Hello everyone! I hope June has been treating you well! I've been very lucky to have an opportunity to work with Muzmm backpacks. They create convertible backpacks that are not only versatile, but are also waterproof! Perfect for someone who loves the outdoors! For me, it makes a great bag for shoots (especially when I'm doing production, instead of acting) and when I go for yoga!

By convertible, I mean it's both a backpack and a duffle bag. The strap can be shortened enough for it to become a shoulder bag, but I prefer it as a sling duffle bag! I know a lot of you guys have been waiting for my review on this bag, so here it is! And yes, there is a discount code, so hope on over to my affiliates page and knock yourself out!

For those of you who don't wanna click away, click on this link and my discount code of (CPD20) will be automatically applied! You're welcome.

The one that I eventually decided to get is the Little Charcoal. I did consider a few more: Little Forest and Little Garden, as well as the swamp one but it didn't come in the little size. I am considering getting another one in the bigger size, but I've quite a number of bags already and honestly, I literally just use the same 2 or 3, so I'm still thinking about it. But I'd be leaning towards getting the Big Garden or even the Big Lake. The only problem is, I may not use the big ones as a backpack because the small one (as a backpack) looks a little big for me already! But they'd make really cool duffle bags.

As a backpack!

This is how I like to carry it when I'm going for a shoot. I just want something durable and comfortable to carry around, especially if we are shooting outdoors, or in a location that I'd foresee myself getting sweaty/smelly.

The shoulder straps are padded, so it's comfortable to carry when you've got a lot of heavy things! The straps can be kept in a slot at the back of the bag when you aren't using them, so they aren't flinging around when you're using it as a duffle bag! They're pretty easy to adjust as well, no complains!

As a duffle/shoulder bag

I'd say this is where you'd want to consider the process of using this bag as a duffle. It looks great as a duffle bag, but the way you store things is from the very top (where the MUZMM logo is) and there isn't any zipper at the very top. So if you're using this as a duffle bag, you'd be storing things from the side instead from the top, if that makes any sense at all.

I personally do not have too much issue with this because there is a side pocket and a huge front pocket for my essentials, and the zipper makes everything reasonably accessible anyway. But I think this is a design that some people might need a think-through!

Some details

As you can see in the left photo, there's a pretty good pocket at the side, which is where I like to store the strap for the duffle function. I'd say the only downside to that strap is that it isn't padded, so for some people, it's not the most comfortable thing in the world. I'm fine with it so far though, since the strap isn't super thin.

If you're wondering, you can compress the backpack with the straps on the side, so if there's a lot of extra space, you can sort of cinch the backpack up!

They do have an interesting choice of interior, it does feel like the material can crumple a little, but to me, it isn't super important. The insides aren't as thick as compared to a Herschel backpack, which I think gives it a much lighter weight and less bulk. However, your stuff may not be as protected, but the laptop pocket is padded, so no worries there. I should also mention that the small backpack stores a 15inch macbook pro, so the big one will probably store a 17inch pretty easily.

I hope you guys enjoyed this review on the MUZMM backpack in little charcoal. Don't forget to use my code CPD20 at the checkout if you decide to get one for yourself, and if you're feeling fun, do tag me and MUZMM if you get one! I'll see you guys in my next blogpost!



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