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Liese Design Series

Let's just talk about Liese for a bit.

A few weeks ago, I attended their rebranding event with Joyce and brought home one of their newest colours from the designer series: Dark Navy! I loved my blue hair, but I always wanted a dark blue shade that was nearer to a black. This was just absolutely perfect! I eyed it from the very start of the event and I was so happy I got to bring home a bottle to try out. Their rebranding consists of newly designed packaging (which looks amazing, by the way!) and 16 shades that are categorised into two ranges - Natural and Design. For those of you who've loved their bubble hair products like me for a long time, don't fret, they've kept a few OG favourites like Cassis Berry, Marshmallow Brown and Milk Tea Brown!

There were other new additions to the Design Series: Dark Rose and Soft Greige (not a typo, I promise).

These 3 new shades are now only available at Watsons, but the full range will be available at other leading pharmacies, personal care stores and supermarkets from July 2019 onwards! These new shades were inspired by salon hair colour trends, with gray and blue bases to cancel out the unwanted brassy tones that a lot of us know to hate! I personally am so excited about this because I know the pains of using purple/silver shampoos to cancel out the brassiness in my blonde hair.

I was debating between the soft Greige and Dark Navy, but I had to try something a little more out there. I will definitely give the soft greige a go one day! But for now, I'll be talking about the Dark Navy shade. Let's look into the box, shall we?

Comes with all the usual things!

Nothing new, for those of you who aren't familiar with the bubble hair dye, the box always include the two liquids, and instead of a 'brush' application tip like other formulas, the bubble hair series comes with a nozzle that creates the foam when you squeeze the bottle!

The new range also comes with a new formula which produces larger and firmer bubbles for a more smooth and uniform application to the hair. It's been easy using the bubble range because it's almost like giving your hair a little shampoo, but knowing that the formula is stronger, I'm definitely excited!

Also, they've upped their after-care treatment as well, so don't worry about having your hair feeling dry. I've never had a problem with their after-treatment, so an improved formula is more than appreciated!

I've been using Liese's creamy bubble hair colours for the longest time, and you guys know this because I've been documenting my hair colour changes and you'd know one of my faves are their either of their ash shades (Ash Brown, Mint Ash) one of the recent shades I used was Dark Chocolate, which I really loved too!

I blogged about my experience with one of their limited edition colours last year (Violet Red) which you can read about here.

Some before photos!

My hair still has that slight gradient from when I did a bleach/ombre (I do miss it, not going to lie). But the previous shade I used (Dark Chocolate) is in the midst of fading. As you can see, the tips were slowly turning back to blonde/light brown.

Prep: Mixing the liquids according to the directions and applying a lot of moisturiser along my hairline, ears and neck so that it doesn't stain my skin! I applied the product as directed and let it sit for a good 30mins!

After 20 mins!

Just to let you guys know, my hair strands are thin, but I've a fair bit of hair, and it's heavily layered and it goes past my waist. So with that in mind, I would ideally need more than the one bottle, but I made do of course!

After! This was after 3 washes. The colour is towards a dark ash navy, which I LOVE. I'm not sure if my yellow/light brown bleached ends affected the colour, but I'd imagine if my hair was bleached white, the colour would be absolutely amazing. I would have died for this colour when I was obsessed with finding the blue shade that was 'only visible under the sun' and now I have it! Literally ticking something off my bucket list now and I'd say this is one of my new favourite colours from the range, my next fave would still be Mint Ash.

I think the colour would have been a lot better if I used more than one bottle, so I am thinking of letting my hair rest for maybe 2-3 weeks before going in with another bottle of the Dark Navy and seeing how that goes! I hope you guys enjoyed this review and 'hair transformation'. Go on over to your nearest Watsons to check out the newest colours in the range ^^ I'll see you guys in my next blogpost!



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