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June Box Review | #NoMakeNoLife

Hello Everyone!! Literally half of 2019 has passed us, that is absolutely insane!

It's here!!

Birthday month, birthday box and birthday week! This month's booklet was a lot brighter than expected! It's always been pink and out of nowhere, a yellow cover! I was a little sad at first because I love pink, but the more I look at it, the more fun it looks. As always, you can watch my unboxing video on my IGTV!

To put an icing on the cake, I got featured this month! It's like they knew it was my birthday month! ^^

My Beauty Tool Eti Hair Band by Etude House

I think you've seen this band almost everywhere on my instagram, so you'd know I've been using it a whole lot since I took it out from the box! I'd say it was the most useful item in the box, it might also be my favourite item too! I use this to keep my hair out of my face when I apply or remove make up. I have a lot of baby hair so this keeps them out of the way. It's pretty useful when you're doing a face mask too!

Cheek, Eye & Lip Cream by Angel Heart

Off the bat, I realised this colour does not suit me, it's a lot brighter than I'd like so I did decide to give this away to someone who'd have better use for it than I do! I must say, the packaging is pretty cute though! But I was hoping for a small mirror somewhere! Consistency wise, it's pretty much like a balm, and I think it goes on reasonably sheer (either that or the colour is so light that it doesn't really show up on my skin). This comes in 4 colours, and I think this is probably the lightest colour they have which is cotton pink!

Water Lip Tint Balm in Grapefruit by Choonee

This is another top contender as my favourite product in June's box! No, not because it's grapefruit flavoured. In fact, there isn't much grapefruit flavour to begin with. There's no 'flavour' or scent to this product. I was quite sad at first, but the colour made up for it! I'll admit this is shade is a little bright but it does photograph nicely and you can build the colour, so I'm not mad at it at all! The formula is quite moisturising and it's not too heavy on the lips.

Oh M'Eye Line Liquid Liner by Etude House

I wasn't having too much hopes for this eyeliner because it was a brush tip instead of the felt tip that I'm so used to! But I'd say the formula is reasonably good! It' didn't budge when I rubbed on it once it dried. However, it didn't really do too well when I began rubbing on it with water. But on the bright side, I was rubbing on it very hard, so it's quite water resistant, but not waterproof. I'd also like to add that this formula isn't very opaque as well, so you might need to apply two layers if you like something very opaque!

Overall, I'd say this eyeliner may not be that great in Singapore weather, especially if you perspire a lot like I do! But if you're going to be in air conditioning the whole day, I think this will still work for you as long as you don't rub your eyes like crazy.

Lip Moist Oil in Mellow Orange

This lip product was quite interesting! I expected it to be super sticky and uncomfortable on the lips but it turned out to be quite smooth. It is of quite a thick consistency but it doesn't apply on as a thick layer, so it's definitely comfortable. However, I'm not too sure about it being moisturising like the other chapsticks or lip butters. It does give a good shine though!

Juicy Bottle Mask in Pearl by Sizena

I love the packaging of this product! ^^ I thought it was really smart and it was a change up from the berrisom masks that we've been getting in the previous boxes. This mask was a pearl essence mask and it did feel quite moisturising! It does come in other scents like green tea, pomegranate or aloe vera! This mask doesn't require the usual 15-20 mins, just 10 mins! If I haven't said this enough, this sheet mask has one of my favourite packaging!

Hair Cream by Oshima Tsubaki

This hair cream is meant to moisturise frizzy hair. I personally like applying it on damn hair the letting it dry out. I focus these on the ends, though! I found that this cream doesn't work as well for me as hair oil does, so I'll be sticking to my good ol' hair oils! However, I did find that this cream helps to hold a styled hairstyle reasonably well! Not as much as hairspray but it's pretty decent!

Lucky Trendy Hair Curler Set

There was an entire tutorial on the back of the NMNL booklet, and I must say it's a tiny bit fiddly! Especially when you have layered hair like mine. I personally prefer these to the foam curlers that came in a previous NMNL box! These hold onto your hair a lot better and the waves are actually pretty decent. These curlers work on both dry and wet hair, all you need is a blowdryer when you use these with dry hair.

I hope you guys enjoyed this blogpost! The month of June has been crazy but also amazing, I've quite a few new exciting blogposts coming up for you guys so stay tuned! I'll see you in next week's blogpost~



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