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J Studios Oxygen Deep Cleansing Facial Review

Hello Everyone! Most of you following me on instagram would know that I've visited a very special beauty place two weeks ago, and as promised, here's my review of the Oxygen Deep Cleansing Facial by J Studios, which the company has very kindly sponsored!

The facial delivers oxygen, moisture, vitamins, and antioxidants, replenishing nutrients to the skin through the use of an airbrush. The pressure and serum help to deep cleanse and plump the skin, minimising the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, while increasing blood circulation to boosting collagen production and skin whitening. The treatment also provides relief and effective acne clearance for troubled skin, and fighting signs of aging skin, leaving your skin clean, smooth, and radiant.

This facial treatment is one of their signature treatments and has won some beauty awards such as Editor's Choice, Best Facial Treatment and Best Deep Cleansing Facial in the Insider.Sg Beauty Awards in 2018!

The outlet I visited was the one at Haji Lane! I'll be leaving more information about their outlets and contact information later on, so you guys can book your appointments as well. Although I was there to do a facial, J Studios offers a variety of beauty services!

Services available:

1. Facial Treatments: Spa therapy, aromatherapy, professional clinical treatments

2. Hair Treatment: Oriental herbal and amino nano

3. Nail Services: Manicure, pedicure, paraffin, nail art, gel

4. Body Treatments: Slimming, IPL, waxing, bust enhancement

5. Beauty: Eyebrow embroidery, makeup services If you'd like to find out more about each of their services, you can head on over to their site:

I was very tempted to get a manicure done but I didn't have enough time and I had to keep my nails bare until I've confirmed a few castings/jobs. Believe me, I was incredibly tempted, also because it was my birthday week and I did want to spoil myself, but I had to resist the urge! Let's talk about their location!

The Haji Lane location has two floors.

Most of the facial and body treatments are done on the second floor. Their interior design in general has a nice luxurious feel, I loved the flowers on the walls in the corner of their first floor. Makes a pretty insta-worthy photo! The rooms are reasonably spacious and not claustrophobic which I definitely appreciate. They have corners for you to do your make up as well which is really nice.

Now, let's talk about the facial treatment itself!

I bet a lot of you are laughing at some of the photos! I know I laughed at myself for sure, thank you to the lovely Marina for taking these photos and to Evelyn for doing the facial treatment. The entire treatment is 75mins long.

The treatment started off with a nice shoulder massage where you can chose the oils that they used, I was so excited when they had lavender oil! Lavender would definitely be one of my favourite scents! They then proceeded with cleansing and removing the little make up I had on prior to the treatment. As per every facial, they did some extractions for me as well. I have terrible blackheads on my nose and I had a few spots on my forehead that day, so extractions were definitely needed for me! It was painful, not going to lie, but bearable! I've had worse extractions done before, and those have caused a lot of redness, but my skin felt really good after this whole treatment, so no complains there.

Right after they did the extractions, they went on to the Oxygen Deep Cleansing step which was so much fun, it was cooling and so refreshing! They then continued with a serum with another machine to aid absorption, which was also cold to the touch which i really enjoyed.

To end the treatment off, they did a customised soft mask which they left on for about 15-20 minutes (yes, I pretty much fell asleep at that point, I was very comfortable and relaxed), followed by toner, moisturiser and sunblock application.

In general, you'd think your face would be so puffy and swollen due to the extractions done during a facial, but I thought my skin looked pretty good after the facial! It felt smooth and super clean! I wished it felt that amazing every day, but you shouldn't be doing a facial everyday for sure!

There was definitely some redness near my nose, but that's normal, the lighting coming from the make up mirrors were pretty great so you can't really see too much redness and pores! My pores were a lot smaller than before though.

This treatment is also suitable for those who suffer from troubled skin (acne, edema or eczema etc!) and for those of you like me who cannot live without caking your face with make up on a day-to-day basis! The treatment is designed to remove all the impurities that our skin retains from constant use of makeup without any heavy manual extractions that would be a lot more painful. I'd say the cooling elements in the treatment had a huge part to play when it came to reducing the redness and inflammation of the skin. I'm sure all of us would appreciate a facial that doesn't make you look like a tomato afterwards! For you ladies out there who do suffer from acne, regular treatments will be able to help improve your skin conditions as well. I recommend that you give them a call or maybe even drop them a message on instagram to find out more.

Sad to say, I couldn't leave my face bare! I did contemplate on not putting make up on, but I was going for a dinner with my parents and W so I had to cake my face all over again! But I suppose that would mean I could go back for another treatment some time down the road, right? Maybe then I'll get my nails done there too!

If you're interested in getting this facial treatment or in any of their other treatments, you can check them out!


Haji Lane | 31 Haji Lane, Singapore 189224

Opening Hours: 10.30am-10pm Daily Tel: +65 91828565

Jurong East | 352 Jurong East Street 31 #01-131, Singapore 600352

Opening Hours: 10.30am – 10pm Daily Tel: +65 91828565

I hope you guys enjoyed this little review. I definitely enjoyed myself at their salon and I'll definitely be going back! I'll see you in my next blogpost!



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