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VitaRealm Whitening Collagen Review + Giveaway | #mybeautycolour

Hello everyone! I hope you guys are having a great start to the week! This blogpost has been kindly sponsored by VitaRealm and Sample Store. They've sent me two boxes of Whitening Collagen, I gave them a go over the past two weeks and I'm here to share the results and a GIVEAWAY on instagram!!

But first, let me tell you more about the products.

The products come in boxes of 8, which you can purchase on their site ( at $49.90 with free doorstep delivery for SG orders or from Watson’s stores at a discounted price of$39.90 (for a limited time only). The glass bottles are thick, so not much worries about them breaking in your luggage as long as you keep them in the box and stuff! You'd need to keep this chilled and away from the sun, so I like to put opened boxes in the fridge and unopened boxes in my storeroom as no light gets in there!

My before and after photos! I definitely realised my skin looks more radiant and fairer. VitaRealm Whitening Collagen contains glutathione which not only helps to reduce skin pigmentation and dark spots, but also aids in liver detoxification! It also contains PhytoflORAL which inhibits melanin formation and helps absorbs UV rays, helping to reduce the impact of the UV rays on the skin, resulting in a fairer skin tone!

Taste wise, I'm not very sure how to describe the exact taste, but it is on the fruity and tangy side! It's definitely delicious when it's cold, and I look forward to drinking it in the morning. There are a lot of people I know that love being tanned and they go for regular tanning sessions at the beach. I, on the other hand, dislike being tan. I was so tanned when I was a kid because of sports and I get tanned very easily.

I wear loads of sunblock, in fact, it's probably my best friend right now. However, sunblocks don't always block 100% of the UV rays, so I will still get tanner when I'm out (especially on an outdoor shoot!). Did you know that even when you're indoors, UV rays still penetrate through windows? It's not as bad as standing out in the sun for sure, but if you're not a fan of being tanned like I am, I think this bit of information would be helpful to you!

I think it's very obvious that I tan easily, just look at how much darker my arms are compared to my legs!

My legs aren't even as fair as my torso! So you can imagine how uneven my skin tones have become due to constant exposure to the sun at work! I do cover up, like I wear long pants and still have sunblock on, but with Singapore's humidity, it's almost impossible to function on set if I've got long sleeves and long pants on!

Now, it's time to talk about you guys, and the giveaway!

The giveaway will be on my instastories, so please hope on over there on the 17th of July! There will be a template for you guys to complete in order to enter the giveaway! Also, here are some of the ground rules for you guys to follow:

1. Account MUST be public

2. Follow @vitarealm

3. Tag both VitaRealm Beauty and me

4. Share your results on your stories! VitaRealm will then pick a winner~

Just to prepare you guys for the giveaway, let m share a few tips on how to identify your skincare concerns! For me, I knew I had uneven skin tones and the occasional dark pigments (though they aren't too obvious, but they are there!). Some of you may experience sensitive skin or acne prone skin. As we hit our late twenties or into our thirties, we might also begin to discover fine lines!

There are 3 types of VitaRealm Beauty drinks for different skin concerns:

Whitening Collagen | Skin Perfecting Essence | Anti-A.G.E Essence

Each of these beauty drinks are represented by a colour: blue, pink and purple, and each target specific skin concerns, so when you enter the giveaway, make sure to think about what your skin concerns are! The Whitening Collagen (Blue) helps to brighten skin tone and lighten dark pigments. The Skin Perfecting Essence (Pink) balances sebum production and aids in healing acne & scars. Lastly, the Anti-A.G.E. (Purple) Hydrates and firms the skin! So, which is your beauty colour? You can purchase from their online store at at just $39.90 (u.p. $49.90) for the month of July, with free door-step delivery for local orders. They are also running a promotion at Watsons stores for limited time only.

All the best of luck everyone! I hope you guys enjoyed this blogpost, do join the giveaway (please remember to tag and follow us! That's one of the most important steps, hehe). I'll see you in my next blogpost!



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