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Ms Singapore Pageant International 2019 | Grand Finals

Hello Everyone!

I'm back with another pageant blogpost! This time, it's Ms Singapore Pageant International 2019! This pageant is organised by Singapore Womens Association, whom I've travelled with to Macau earlier this year. This Miss Singapore Pageant is a different pageant from the ones you've been reading on my blog, but I have blogged about them in 2017! I thought this year was quite different as their them was Galaxy!

As usual, they had their little 'flea market' just outside the ballroom while we waited for the doors to open. They also had little snap on wristbands on sale when you registered as well, and you paid anything more than $2 (as a form of donation) for them!

Disclaimer: there was a bit of a confusion about photo and video taking so apart from the photos I've used in the cover photo, I'll be using their official photos in this blogpost. The photos were all either taken by Ishardi Jamil and Orhsome Productions, and pre-approved by SWA!

Staying very very true to their theme, the contestants and the reigning queens came on stage for the opening number! I loved how unconventional the costumes were. Although it's definitely not very 'pageant-y' (I can assure you the rest of it is as 'pageant-y' as it gets), I thought it was a nice change from normal opening numbers that we are all used to, which would be the girls coming out in dresses and doing a dance.

I thought it was a unique step for them to go into this direction, it's memorable and it was definitely in theme! I remembered that their theme for 2017 was Bond Girls or something along the lines of being secret agents, and they definitely stuck to that theme as well!

Next was their swimsuit category, which was also interesting because all of them came down the runway in the same one-piece, and a cape. I thought the cape was a nice extra touch, although it could potentially get in the way if they didn't practice it enough. Of course, they have rehearsed it well and they all looked great! There were supposed to be 9 contestants, but we only had 8 on the night!

Contestant No. 1: Farelyn Farah Contestant No. 3: Naomi Huth

Contestant No. 4: Ashley Wong

Contestant No. 5: Francine Ting

Contestant No. 6: Charlotte Chia

Contestant No. 7: Kaavya

Contestant No. 8: Tan Rui Yun

Contestant No. 9: Janna Tan

Up next, we had their evening gown segment (still one of my faves in any pageant!), their gowns were very kindly sponsored by Yvonne Creative! Speaking of sponsors, let's talk about the generous sponsors for MSPI! Some of them have been sponsoring the pageant for almost 10 years and that's just so amazing to know that there has been constant support for the pageant scene.

Presenting sponsor: Lee Foundation Gold Sponsor: Fairprice Foundation Silver Sponsor: Hong Leong Foundation Bronze Sponsor: EHA Clinic Official Training Academy: Athena Academy Officer Designer for National costume and stage production: Moephosis Concepts Official Evening Shoes: Anna Nucci Official Event Videographer: Bahavideo Official Fitness Trainer: Axelr8 Fitness Offical Gown: Yvonne Creative Official Hair: Team Salon Official Magazine: Singpaore Tatler Official Makeup: Pupa Milano Singapore Official Nails: Nail Bliss Official Photographer: Orhsome Productions Official Printer: Amon Press & Trading Official Sound and Light: Sonic AV Official Stage Setup: Jess Showbiz Official Swimwear: Sunseeker Australia Official Venue: Grand Copthorne Waterfront Official Watch: Claude Bernard Singapore Official wine: Corner Stone Prize and venue Sponsors: Hopscotch Bar, Lapothicell Singapore, Villa Semana Resort & Spa and StyleMakersSG Award Sponsor: Yoonly Enterprise Pte Ltd

And now it's time to talk about subsidiary awards!

Miss Crowning Glory 2019: Contestant No. 3 Naomi Huth

Miss Body Beautiful 2019: Contestant No. 5 Francine Ting

Miss Photogenic 2019: Contestant No. 8 Tan Rui Yun

Miss Personality 2019: Contestant No. 9 Janna Tan Miss Popularity 2019: Contestant No. 9 Janna Tan

Miss Charity 2019: Contestant No. 6 Charlotte Chia

Congratulations, ladies!!

And then there were 5!

Contestant No. 9 Janna Chia

Contestant No. 3 Naomi Huth

Contestant No. 8 Tan Rui Yun

Contestant No. 5 Francine Ting

Contestant No. 6 Charlotte Chia

Of course, there was the Q&A! I thought the girls did well in general! It's always great to see that beauty pageants are so much more than just a pretty face!

And of course, before the new queens were crowned, the reigning queens took their final walk!

Miss Singapore International 2018: Eileen Feng

Miss Singapore Supranational 2018: Priyanka Annuncia

Miss Singapore Asia Pacific International 2018: Nerrine Ng

3rd Runner Up: Contestant No. 8 Tan Rui Yun

2nd Runner Up: Contestant No. 9 Janna Chia

1st Runner Up: Contestant No. 5 Francine Ting

Miss Singapore Supranational 2019: Contestant No. 3 Naomi Huth

Miss Singapore International 2019: Contestant No. 6 Charlotte Chia

Congratulations to the two new queens!

You ladies were absolutely stunning! Thank you once again to the Singapore Womens Association for inviting me and having me at the Gala Dinner. I hope you guys enjoyed this blogpost, and I'll see you in the next one!



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