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Different Orchids for a Stunning Bouquet

Flowers will always perform and essential role on various occasions. You can consider them as decorations or a gift that will surely make the moment unforgettable. This is the reason why you can already acquire a flower delivery service online to offer people the convenience of ordering a bouquet of flowers without going to a flower shop.

Varieties of Orchids Ideal for Bouquets

One of the most popular flowers that are used in making stunning bouquets are orchids. Florists can create elegant arrangements with these flowers because of their captivating looks. They are available in different types and colours that will suit your taste. Listed below are the varieties of orchid flowers that you can use for the perfect bouquet.

1. Cymbidium Orchids

This can be an ideal type of orchid if you want to add fragrance to the bouquet. It has tough flowers that can hold up will and can last up to six weeks.

2. Moth Orchids

It has sturdy flowers that can last up to 14 days. It can be used for orchid boutonnieres because of the flower's sturdy feature.

3. Cattleya Orchids

It produces a floral perfume and is often used in intimate gatherings. The flowers can last up to 7 days.

4. Dendrobium Orchids

This is perfect for bridal bouquets, especially thought that are in white colour.

Why Order an Orchid Bouquet?

Adding up a little drama on a simple dinner date is possible with a bouquet of flowers. You can look for an orchid bouquet online if you can no longer go to a flower shop. Orchids can be perfect for any arrangement not only because of its varieties and colours but also with the fact that these flowers can last long.

You can look for orchids that suit loose arrangements or those that are perfect for centrepieces. It is best that you are aware of the different varieties of orchids for you to know that to look for. If you are planning to create your own orchid bouquet, then you can buy the flowers from a trusted florist. search online for a stunning arrangement, and start combining flowers. It is an advantage if you already have your orchid plants at home because there is no need for you to buy the flowers. Besides, you can have a few stems of the flowers in order to come up with a simple arrangement that already looks elegant and beautiful.

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