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SkinGO! Express Facial Review

Hello everyone~

Recently, I was invited by SkinGO! to try out one of their express facials! I've never heard of such a service before, so I was very intrigued. Being a freelancer, it's always difficult to set time aside to have a facial or any form of self care. For my fellow busy bees and freelancing friends, I think you'll definitely enjoy this! Each of SkinGO!'s facials are only about 15-20 minutes and cost a flat rate of $28!

They are located at Tiong Bahru Plaza, just opposite Liho.

When you enter, you'll be required to pick out your skin concerns and facial treatment on a big screen before proceeding with the treatment itself! The registration process alone takes no time at all, so even if you're a first timer, I'd say it's really fast and efficient.

There are three different types of facials: Bio-Aqua Facial: For dry/normal skin

This facial helps to dissolve and surface impurities and dead skin cells and uses moisturising and anti-pollution serums to create a more radiant look to the skin, it also includes a gentle lymphatic facial massage to reduce puffiness.

Bio-Lift Facial: For ageing skin

This treatment rejuvenates the skin, firms the facial contours and softens any fine lines on the skin. The facial helps to plump any dehydrated skin to promote skin cell renewal with the help of lifting serums. It also includes the facial massage to reduce any puffiness.

Bio-Clear Facial: For oily/acne prone skin

This was the facial I received! They started with a deep cleanse and clearing my skin from dead skin cells, dirt and grime (this felt so refreshing btw) by doing some gentle exfoliation.

They then eased up any clogged and congested pores with oil-balancing and detoxifying solutions before using an oxygen spray to minimise my pores and reduce any redness. Of course, this facial also included the massage to reduce puffiness even more.

They also gave me a premium sheet mask (this is not part of the facial) to end it all off, which was probably when I felt so relaxed I fell asleep for a while, too.

As mentioned earlier, all three facials are at a flat rate of $28 each, taking about 15-20mins but giving the full benefits of a 60-90 mins traditional facial! Another service they offer would be the bio-duo facial, which includes any two facial treatments mentioned above. This service costs $50 nett.

If you're feeling a little extra, you can get the extra premium sheet mask or a brightening C treatment at $5 each. They do not require you to sign up for any packages, but they do have a loyalty programme for recurring customers! They'll stamp a card for you and these stamps can be used to redeem free facials and/or skincare products!

They did gift me a skin cleanser as well and it's very gentle, I use it at night as a double cleanse after I've removed my make up! It contains soothing plant extracts from Licorice, Witch Hazel and Chamomile, and it smells very lovely. It's not too harsh on the skin, so I imagine it'll be good for most skin types. If you're interested on getting this product for yourself, you can purchase it on their website! Their online shop also includes other products like sunscreen and gentle facial scrubs!

If you guys are looking for a quick and affordable facial, you can find SkinGO! here:

Location: Tiong Bahru Plaza B1-124 (opposite LiHo)

Opening Hours: Mon - Thurs 11am - 9pm , Fri - Sun 11am - 930pm

Instagram: @skingo_sg

I hope you guys enjoy this blogpost, I'll see you guys next week for another one!



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