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Our Personal Co.

Hello everyone!

I've been really excited to share this new venture with you! I know I didn't post anything last week, and broke my streak of weekly blogposts. But I'm finally glad to announce that I've launched my new business venture: Our Personal Co.! It's been in the works for a while, but I'm also grateful that I'm not completely alone in this venture! I've always enjoyed personalising my own things. I've always wanted to create my own planner, and in 2018, I decided to draw one completely from scratch and decided that isn't very feasible to do every single year. This year I got a simple one from Daiso because it was cheap and plain, but it was small and I never had the satisfaction of being able to have my own system. So I decided to learn a simple book binding method using thread and created my own 2020 planner earlier this year! I know that's a bit of an overkill, but I wasn't sure if the planner would turn out the way I needed or wanted it to. After posting a few pictures on instagram here and there, I realised that there were other people who shared my love for personalised things and also wanted something that was uniquely them, hence, Our Personal Co. was born! I did contemplate on just doing my own templates and then getting them mass printed, but I decided that it wouldn't be 'customised', so I decided to create every piece from scratch, hence adopting the term 'bespoke' as well.

I'll admit this does make the process a lot longer than some people would like, but it's the only way I can create something as personalised as possible without having to create a whole new theme every single time! Although I do offer fully customised themes, those definitely take a longer time to create as well as incur a little bit of extra cost.

The things you can customise without extra costs are: - Theme - Covers (excluding the custom option) - Layouts

Additional items include: - Name Pages

- Custom covers made from premium card stock

- Pocket on the inside of your planner's cover

- Additional event dates

- Additional note pages

- Additional goal trackers

And of course, there are other additions such as putting in photos or quotes in the planner as well, or as mentioned before, a fully customised theme. Since each item is made one by one from scratch and is done by hand, it does take a fair bit of time for me to get it all done, from the confirmation of orders to the mailing of the items. To find out more, you can check out OPC's faq page. In general, I'd think giving about 8-10 working days to receive your planner is sufficient. If you're wondering about the limitations of the personalisation options that we offer, the OPC team and I are looking into more ways to further customise the planners and into other products as well that may or may not personalised! Do keep a lookout for our future products, and since 2019 is coming to an end, do pop by our site and get yourself a planner as well!

Website: Instagram: @ourpersonalco Facebook: Our Personal Co.

I hope you guys do give OPC some love and that you've enjoyed this blogpost! I'll see you in my next one! There will be a little surprise (might or might not be a GIVEAWAY) coming this week too so stay tuned!



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