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Envie Label Mini Haul

Hello everyone! It's been a while since I've done a little haul blogpost. Recently, I bought a few pieces from Envie Label. They're based in Singapore and they curate and hand-make their earrings as well. I'm very picky when it comes to earrings as my ears are sensitive to certain metals. I'm always looking for more hypoallergenic options because I do love accessories and want to get back into wearing them more often instead of just during pageants.

Just a little disclaimer, I'm not sponsored by Envie Label, I decided to do this blogpost because I felt their items were really pretty and affordable. I don't usually find hypo allergenic earrings that suit my taste, so I didn't really think much when I saw pieces that I really liked! There are a few more pieces that I'm still debating on, chances are I'll be grabbing them if they're not sold out yet!

I got 3 pairs for myself, one from their latest collection! I did get some for my friends as well, but they're surprises so I don't want to show them in this blogpost. I'm really excited about the ones that I've got for myself because I haven't bought earrings in a while, and I'm thinking of doing a lookbook featuring these pieces soon too! Stay tuned for that ;)

Hearty Pearl Hoop

This was the piece that caught my eye from the start! I've loved hoop earrings for a while but haven't worn them in a long time, so most of my hoops have gone missing. I was looking for a nice hoop for a while and these were just perfect! I've not ventured into pearls much so I guess this is sort of me trying to get further out of my comfort zone.

Pink Grapefruit Earrings

I'm honestly not too sure when I'll be wearing these, and I've never really been a fan of studs because I lose them easily. However, I couldn't help but really fall in love with these! These were part of her new collection which debuted during the pop-up store so I was really set on getting them! She did have cute cherry ones as well but I wasn't too sure on them because I don't wear red often!

Hoop Earrings with Tassel in Black

I love this piece! They're really lightweight so I'm very excited to use these! I've not ventured into accessories with tassels before so I figured getting a piece that was in a colour I was comfortable wearing would allow me to make these 'adjustments' easily. I'd imagine myself using these for a nice dinner event or even a night out!

As mentioned earlier, all of their earrings are hypoallergenic and are super affordable! I did get mine when they were having their pop-up last weekend along Orchard Road, so it was a little cheaper than usual, however, the original prices range from $10.90 to $14.90 on carousell so they're really inexpensive.

You can follow Envie Label on the following platforms:

Instagram: @envielabel

I hope you enjoyed this mini haul and that you guys are having a great November so far! I'll see you guys in my next blogpost!



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