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Blush House Bridal

Hello everyone!

I'm here with a short blogpost for you this week! As you might have seen on my instagram, I attended the Mrs Singapore Chinatown 2019 grand finals on Sunday and I was generously sponsored my pretty princessy gown by Blush House Bridal! They're a fairly new bridal shop, having just started in February this year, but they have definitely grown in the past few months, and in just two more months, they'll be 1!

I did try on a few gowns while I was there, their style is towards something you'd see in fairytales. The materials used in their gowns are all lightweight, and you can expect a lot of lace, dainty beading/sequins and a lot of tulle! So if you're a bride that likes feeling light and airy, or if you're planning to dance at your wedding, I think these gowns would be really good for you!

As of now, their gowns are relatively light coloured and are mostly your usual white bridal gowns, so of course, I did have to try some on just for fun. I usually go for evening gowns when I attend pageants, but I thought I'd try something a little more girly this time round too!

Gave a few gowns a go! I honestly didn't really know what kind of gown I was going for because it was my first time working with Blush House as well, so I let them decide which ones would be good to try on!

I tried a few more but these 4 were my favourites! You would have seen them on my IG stories, but thank you to those who votes in the poll that I put up. It was interesting to see what you guys thought about the dresses!

Blush House Bridal operates on an appointment-only basis, so be sure to contact them via email or Instagram DM if you'd like to set up an appointment!

I hope you guys enjoyed this little blogpost, I'll see you in my next one!



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