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Avalon Fat Burner Plus

Hello everyone!

This week's blogpost is going to be about a slimming product that was very generously sent to me - at a very good timing, I might add. Introducing: Avalon Fat Burner Plus, pills that help you to burn and melt fat! I know that there's a trend with slimming pills and various weightloss options, so I'm here to give me 2 cents worth on this product. I've taken one full course, which is an entire month. So yes, this product has been tested through the feasting season (aka CNY) and I'm pretty amazed with the changes I've noticed. I will admit that my weight hasn't changed much, but I've measured myself on day 1 and day 30. I'd say it's a decent change. I'm personally continuing the journey, so perhaps you guys can expect a part 2!

I've been struggling with weight loss for a few years, I've broken my healthy habits and went so astray that I am having THE HARDEST TIME getting back into it, and I finally understand why people thought my old habits (of not eating past 8pm, no fast food or fried food) were insane. I'd like to get back to my old weight of 53kg, it's been years and the struggle is getting very disheartening. But life's throwing me opportunities to lose weight *ahem*wedding*ahem* so I'm not giving up now!

You can find it at the various Guardian, Unity or Watsons stores, or even online at! The boxes come with a proper seal (right photo) so rest assured, these products are of good quality! They're retailing at SGD65 (usually SGD89) on the Avalon site now, so if you're interested at giving it a go, now's a good time, especially now that CNY is officially over!

So this is how the box is when it was mailed to me.

The Avalon Fat Burner Plus is an improved formula of Avalon Fat Burner. It is an all-natural healthy slimming formula (containing ingredients such as green tea extract, black pepper extract, curcumin, aloe barbadensis extract, water soluble fibre and vitamins B1, B2 and B6) which helps to increase one’s metabolic rate. It also helps to prevent the body's fat absorption and supports liver, kidney and joint health.

One thing that I really like about this product is that it does not contain any diuretic, laxative, appetite suppressant, ephedrine and caffeine, so it does not induce dehydration, diarrhoea or heart palpitations. I realised a lot of slimming products (especially detox products) do induce a lot of bowel movements, and for my lifestyle and industry, I don't have the time to have a bad tummy!

According to their website, there have been no proven side effects which is great, and the ingredients are said to be all natural, so there shouldn't be any damage to your vital organs and is suitable for long term consumption, it is also said that the product should be taken for a minimum of 8week s to see optimum results, so I'm excited!

Each box comes with 3 sealed packets, which include 2 sets of 10 pills!

I realised this is way more convenient than a simple box with lose pills. Plus, I think it's a lot more sanitary to have pills kept like this, though I suppose it creates quite a bit more waste? Then again, with supplements, I'd say its better to have them kept like this, just so that the pills are 'fresh'.

So I've looked at some of the reviews and found that some people lost a lot of weight (10kg in 4-5months?!) and another customer had a less impressive result than I did (no weight loss, but noticeable inch loss) so it definitely varies from person to person. Some customers took it with their carb-block tablets, which I am not personally doing.

Now, for my own personal results!

Day 1

Weight: 62.0kg

Thigh Measurements: 24" (L), 24" (R)

Arm Measurements: 11.5" (L), 11" (R)

Waist: 28"

Hip: 39"

Bust: 37"

Day 30

Weight: 61.1kg

Thigh Measurements: 23.5" (L), 23.5" (R)

Arm Measurements: 11" (L), 10.5" (R)

Waist: 26"

Hip: 38"

Bust: 37"

Honestly, I'm really amazed by the inch-loss from my waist. I expected the measurements to go down a little (it's literally only been a month) so that 2 inches from my wasit was just beyond expectations. Though honestly, my target areas are my thighs. But there's some inch loss there too, so I'm not complaining. I didn't expect the measurements to go down that much since it was just less than 1kg lost, but I suppose I have to take the CNY feasting into consideration. There were days of endless drinking and hot-pot buffets and just general unhealthy eating and overeating, so if I exercised more and ate better for the next few weeks, I'm guessing the results could be even more amazing!

I know I'm not the skinniest and I'm far from my goal weight. I've been maintaining this weight for the past few years since I've ballooned in 2017. The weight gain was definitely sudden and was definitely due to the sudden influx of bad eating habits. I did eventually stop dancing and exercising (apart from small yoga/workout sessions through 2019) all together and of course, that just makes everything worse. Thankfully I never went past 63kg. Mind you, I'm 162cm, so my BMI is relatively alarming to me. But I'll admit I had a hard time motivating myself as well. I won't say new year new me because I don't really believe in that, but I guess I need to start again and just keep going!

Anyway, back to the product: What really impressed me is that it has helped to regulate my digestive system. I tend to suffer from constipation despite the large amounts of water I drink, so I've been able to do the number 2 almost everyday now which is really great. I used to go for 3-4 days without being able to and it caused quite a poo belly. It's not completely gone, but there's a difference in bowel movements now, and that in turn has helped with the overall detoxing. Mind you, you have to drink your water with this product. It helps a lot, so for those of you who are terrible at drinking water, PLEASE DRINK MORE WATER!!!

If you'd like to give the pills a go, use my code 'SHAYNEBP' for a free Fat Burner Plus 10s sample pack with any purchase of their Fat Burner Plus on the Avalon online store.

I hope this review was useful for you guys. Do give it a try if you're up for it! I'll see you in my next blogpost!




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