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Camiane Korea Review | #camianekorea

Hello everyone! It's been a while since I've posted on the blog, I can't believe it's already August! I've been pretty busy with work so I do apologise for the lack of posts. I'm back this week with a review on some products from Camiane, which is a beauty & skincare brand from Korea. I've personally never heard of the brand (I've not really been able to follow the latest make up trends in a while) before so I was definitely excited to work with them!

Camiane operates a luxury prestige spa in Cheongdam-dong that is famous for its high-quality beauty salons. Camiane Singapore operates on Shopee, and it ships directly from Korea. Their Shopee store has a range of products with detailed explanations on what each item does (from blemish control to whitening) so you don't have to worry about any lacking information.

Let's talk about the items I received from them!

Perfect Fluid

You guys know how much I love a good bottle of sunblock! I did try this on numerous occasions just to test it out: with and without makeup. I really enjoyed this as a sunblock to use under your make up because it gives your skin a bit of a brightening glow and it doesn't break your skin out even after putting heavy makeup on. It does have a dewy finish which I personally do not really prefer, so I ended up putting some translucent powder on the day I tried wearing it alone. It has SPF 50+ which is perfect for going out, however, I'd recommend using a different sunblock on your body, especially in humid Singapore!

This has active ingredients that not only brighten the skin but also help to reduce wrinkles, which at my age, is probably something I need to start taking note of! They recommend that you shake the bottle before every use, which I personally do, but I didn't realise any difference when I applied it when I shook the bottle and when I didn't!

This product has a faint scent to it, which I can't really describe. It definitely doesn't smell like your typical sunscreen which I really appreciate. If I had to throw a few adjectives, I'd say it's on a slightly tart/fruity note? Overall, I'd recommend this for people who do like a dewy finish and for those who do not perspire that easily!

Perfect Wedding Pad

This was a little something they threw in for me! I did really enjoy this product, actually! Peeling pads have been common nowadays so I was quite excited to try this one. This can be used daily and is comparatively bigger than your regular peeling pad from other skincare brands. This also has one side with a gauze-like texture and another with a soft embossed side, usually, both sides are embossed cotton with different textures, so this was definitely not your average peeling pad!

I didn't notice the scent of the product too much, but it definitely wasn't overpowering or unpleasant, the serum absorbed into my skin very well so I didn't have too much problem with any stickiness after that. The product helps to remove dead skin cells as well as moisturising the skin. If I'm not wrong, you can use this on your body as well, I personally did because there was so much product left in the packet! It would have been quite a waste not to use it. For someone who has combination skin, I really enjoyed this product!

Perfect Wedding Mask

This was something I was very excited to try! You guys know I did get engaged recently so I'm pretty much up for anything that can help me prepare for my big day. I've never heard of a two-step mask before so this product was something new to me. Like I said, there are two steps to this mask, if you haven't seen my Instagram post, you should hop on over and see how I used it! The first step is a peel-off mask which I absolutely LOVE, and the next step is a typical sheet mask. Both steps take 20mins each, so it's pretty much a quick home-spa experience if you ask me.

The peel-off pack helps to tighten pores, exfoliate dead skin cells and reduce wrinkles, while the sheet mask provides moisture through triple hyaluronic acid. I personally felt my pores tighten when I used the peel-off mask, and it is as straight-forward as you can expect it to be! I did find the sheet mask a bit too much for my skin so I couldn't utilise all of the product and left quite a bit of the extra serum in the packet after I was done with the sheet mask.

I was told that it's recommended for people who have dry skin, so it's understandable that certain parts of my face would feel sticky after using this mask! However, I still feel that it's a good mask to try out! I found that using a facial roller helps the skin to absorb the product a lot better so if you do give this a go, you can try doing that!

If you're interested in products by Camiane, you can visit their following platforms:

I hope you guys enjoyed this review and that August has been kind to you. Stay safe everyone, I'll see you guys in my next blogpost!



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i purcahse the product from lazada web , but the good i received was incomplete as the display on web.

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Shayne Flores Wong
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Oh no! Did you manage to contact them in the end?

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