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Customising my Perfume with Maison 21G

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone is staying safe during this circuit breaker period! I'm really excited about this week's blogpost because about two weeks ago, I was invited to a private workshop with Maison 21G. For those of you who love perfumes and all things personalised, you will love this blogpost.

Let's talk about Maison 21G. They are accompany that specialises in creating personalised perfume that suits your personality! They have 2 outlets, one in Singapore and one in Sydney. They offer various ways of creating your own perfume on their website, they also have ready made blends (in store and online) as well as workshops!

Maison is the french word for 'home', and they want to create the experience of inviting you into their home and allowing you to be yourself. Why 21? According to a study by physician Duncan MacDougall, the soul weighs exactly 21 grams, and in the process and experience of creating a personalised perfume, they want to capture the 'scent of your soul'. If that isn't poetic, I don't know what is!

I had the honour of meeting their founder and CEO, Johanna Monange, who has spent years developing and perfecting the process and experience for her customers. The customer first takes an online quiz, and the AI will determine what ingredients will suit their personality, needs and taste. It is quite an amazing piece of technology. There are over 33 perfume essences to chose from and you can either have that one scent, or even mix them up!

Every creation at Maison 21G contains 21% of perfume concentrate, which is the highest in the industry. UV printing technology gives their customers the option to fully personalise their bottle design as well, and the best part is, you can get your refill at the shop, so you never have to throw away your perfume bottle. You've not only got amazing quality, but an experience to really create something uniquely you.

Johanna walked me through the processes of making my own perfume and shared so much about her experiences with perfumery. Good quality perfume always lasts a lot longer on the skin, and each perfume will develop different scent tones after a while on different people. It's like a whole new world of chemistry which was so eye-opening!

Of course, I got to take the quiz, so let me show you what my results were!

The quiz has basic questions like gender, skin tone and age, but also has interesting ones like 'what matters more - adventure or feeling secure?' and what your favourite perfume is, mine's currently in between Chanel Coco Mademoiselle and the Tiffany & Co. Eau de Parfum, but for my quiz I typed in Chanel because I've been using that for a longer time!

Prior to doing the quiz, she did share some of the more popular scents with me and shared with me what the pure oils smelt like before letting me smell the blend that she created.

I took a whiff of pure ginger, jasmine rose and vetiver oils. I'll admit that rose smells very different in its pure form and it smelt so pretty to me, nothing like those sweet roses that you smell everywhere else! I then got to smell the blends that Johanna created, and the rose was just amazing. I loved it. Needless to say, I was very much in love with the ginger blend as well!

On top of those 4, I also tried the honey, rhubarb, lavender and sage blends. The blends are an elevation of the original oils, but the main ingredient is still the hero. I didn't think I would learn so many things just by spending some time with Johanna.

I should mention that I tend to have a clogged nose after smelling a lot of perfumes, but I had no problem sniffing all of these, I was having so much fun exploring these different scents and getting excited over scents that I had mentally planned to mix together before going to Maison 21G!

Once we decided on the blend that I wanted to do, we started mixing! In workshops, you get to mix the perfume yourself, so it really is a one-of-a-kind experience! I was a little nervous at first but Johanna was there to guide me a long!

This was my end product: Rhubarb, rose and honey!

I liked Rhubarb more than I expected and needless to say, I couldn't resist Johanna's blend of rose because it was so different from the other rose scents we all know about!

The hand sanitiser I chose was Sage & Lavender!

There are more hand sanitiser scents available in their online shop, so you can check that out as well! When I went there, they had only launched the hand sanitisers the previous day so I was incredibly excited to have a bottle of my own!

You can try the quiz on their website to find out what your scent personality is, it takes less than 5 minutes so it's really quick! Like I mentioned earlier, you can also design your own perfume based on your favourite perfumes, or if you're very adventurous, pick your two favourite ingredients and just blend them! They provide small 5ml roll on sample bottles for $20 for you to try the scent out, and if you like it, you can get the full sized 25ml bottle at $80! If you really love your new-found scent, you can get your refills for $50!

One of the things I found very useful on their site is that they tell you the development of each scent, and how each ingredient benefits you! You can spend a lot of time just exploring the scents and benefits to create that amazing scent for yourself!

If you decide to try out making your own blend based on your favourite perfumes (I just did it on the site to show you guys), the website actually tells you the notes in your favourite perfume and creates a blend for you based on the characteristics of your favourite perfumes, it's truly amazing, so you really do have endless options!

Buying off their site is really easy as well. I don't have a promocode for you guys, but I find that their prices are reasonable, especially for the quality and experience that you are getting. The bottles come with two packaging options so if you want to travel with your perfume, you can!

A hard case, and a drawstring bag!

I do regret not getting the hard case now, but it's okay! I did get some stuff off their site, so do look out for my little haul blogpost coming soon too! I'm pretty much obsessed with the hand sanitiser now and I just keep spraying it on my hands because I love the scent so much, I do regret not buying an extra bottle, but it doesn't run out very quickly so I'm not too worried yet!

Before I end this blogpost, let's talk about their workshops! They do offer a few variations of workshops, they have workshops for one person, for couples, for bridal parties (if you girls are reading this - you know who you are, you know what to do hehe), for families or for team building activities! They even have one where they can bring the workshop to you, it cannot get any more luxurious than that, honestly!

You can find out more about Maison 21G and explore (now is literally the perfect time to look at all the scents they have) through their various social media.


Store: 77 Duxton Road 089536

I hope you guys loved this blogpost as much as I loved working with Maison 21G! Please stay home and stay safe everyone. I'll see you in my next blogpost!



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