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Glamnetic Review

Hello everyone! I hope you guys are doing well! For those of you going back to school or the office, I hope you guys are staying safe! So I've been seeing a lot of magnetic lash advertisements floating around my social media and I haven't used falsies for the longest time because I've had eyelash extensions for a few years already. Over the circuit breaker, I didn't have the chance to get my existing extensions removed or refilled, so I had empty lashes for over a month! It does feel nice to let them finally have a break, but I'll admit that I do miss having long fluttery lashes!

Unfortunately, having lash extensions aren't great when I need to go for casting, and I've been having some issues with deciding if I should stick to having extensions or not. I've been trying the X Lash Serum as well and my lashes have grown and honestly look really good with mascara now, but I still need something extra when I go for bigger events like the pageants or maybe even a wedding dinner. I'm a little tired of regular falsies because I find that I have to keep the glue in my bag just in case the lashes start popping off midway through the event.

This then led me to get a set of lashes from Glamnetic (this is NOT sponsored) and give them a go! I did grab a random pair off Shopee as well (Use my code 'SHOPEE8075J' for $7 off your purchase of min $15 - for new members only) and I did a comparison video on my IGTV, which was up on Sunday, so you can hop on over and watch that! I'll also be uploading a Part 2 on IGTV where I try the Glamnetic lashes on for the first time in the afternoon today!

I thought these were so pretty when I first got them. I took a long time to choose the set that I wanted, but I decided on the Lucky Lash, which is a 12mm-13mm cat eye set! They have varying styles in lashes so you will be quite spoilt for choice, but if you're not sure what kind of lash you'd like, they have a comprehensive guide on the styles of lashes that they offer: Round, Wispy and Cat Eye. I was debating on their Virgo lash, which is a 12mm round lash, but decided to get a cat eye one instead! I also got the black magnetic eyeliner because you'd definitely need it in order to use the lashes. I was very lucky to get them while they were having a sale so I managed to get 20% off.

So let's talk about the eyeliner! I did have a hard time removing them when I was filming my second video. I definitely got frustrated at some point. I'm honestly not sure how easily the eyeliner will be removed with an oil cleanser because I only use the Bioderma Micellar Water. The eyeliner is sticky to the touch so you would need to be careful when you apply it on your eye! I think you'd definitely need to practice applying this liner because it's not the easiest to clean up, so you can't really go in with a cotton swab to clean up the lines. I apply this on top of my regular eyeliner so that I can get the shape that I want a lot more easily.

It is quite easy to apply in a sense that it glides onto the eyelid quite well, it also does well on top of my regular eyeliner which I appreciate. It does not sting my eyes, but I'm not sure about those of you who have sensitive skin/eyes so proceed with caution, always do that test on the back of your hand to see how your skin will react.

However, it is a little difficult to not get any eyeliner onto your natural lashes. This was one of the things that I struggled with the most. Because it doesn't behave like a normal eyeliner (which is much easier to clean up), you can't really go in with a cotton swab or pad to remove the liner that catches on your natural lashes. The only reason why it annoys me is that the eyeliner that catches onto the lashes will catch the magnets on the eyelash band later on, so the application isn't as seamless and your natural lash will feel a little tacky too. I'm honestly not sure why I struggle with this, it happened every time I tried to work with the eyeliner so I'm not entirely sure where I'm going wrong here!

Another thing that I was confused about was that Glamnetic recommends you to apply the lash when the liner is 80% dry (which would be after a good 20-60 seconds wait), so that's a fairly long time for eyeliner. However, this is magnetic eyeliner, so I'm sure the formula will act differently. As I've said, it is tacky to the touch, so I had a hard time knowing what actually was '80% dry'. I was quite sure that the Singapore humidity will call for longer drying time, so I waited for a good 60 seconds before applying the lash.

Trying them on for the first time was quite the struggle and it could be because I've not used falsies (or mascara on my top lashes) for a very long time. I was confused about trimming the lash bands as well because I was really enjoying the '6 Magnet' feature because it adhered onto my eyes a whole lot better. However, it really was quite uncomfortable after a while as the lash bands were definitely too long for me. Other than that, it felt alright, it wasn't the worst discomfort I've personally felt from a pair of falsies. The band itself is reasonably flexible, and before wearing them, you should move the band around a little to help it take the curve of your eyelid.

After filming the videos, I bit the bullet and snipped off a magnet! I was definitely confused about snipping the lashes at first because the space between magnets isn't very small, so trimming your lash bands would mean that you have to cut off an entire magnet and a little more so that the next magnet is at the very end of the lash band. This would mean that the lashes won't fit your eye 100%, but having a shorter band would mean that there will be no discomfort as well. It definitely was a huge change after I trimmed the lash bands. It was a lot more comfortable, and it didn't look very different (thankfully). I don't think I'd wear these on a daily basis because I feel they are still quite dramatic, but I do love the length of these lashes. I also need to mention that putting mascara on your natural lashes before putting these on can change the look of them quite a fair bit. And Glamnetic does not recommend putting mascara onto the magnetic lashes (degrades them faster), but it's okay to curl them! They shouldn't be soaked in water because it could ruin the curl of the lashes. In terms of cleaning and maintenance, they recommend just gently rubbing the excess eyeliner off the lashes with your thumb, It does take a bit of time, but it works just fine, so I'm following that advice. I also found that using a cotton swab with makeup remover helps, but just be mindful to not soak the lashes!

Now for the question that everyone is asking: Is it worth the $100? Honestly, I felt it wasn't when I first tried them on, simply because it wasn't the most comfortable and the eyeliner application wasn't as seamless as I'd hope and eyeliner removal process was quite extensive. However, after trimming them down, I'm currently on the fence about them. I still feel it is quite a steep price, however, their lashes really are pretty. I've personally never tried the other brands besides the Shopee one (which I will NEVER recommend) so I'm not sure how this fairs to the others. But I will say this: I can foresee myself using this a lot. You can get up to 40 uses on each lash, so let's see how many times I'll get to use mine!

Personally, I don't think I will be getting a more casual pair for daily use because I've come to like how my natural lashes look with mascara (thanks to lash serum), so I don't feel the need for a second set. For those of you who do feel like you'd want more than one pair, Glamnetic offers various box sets that include the eyeliner, so you can save some money there! I hope this review helped you guys, don't forget to watch both my IGTV videos, it'll mean a lot to me. (: In the meantime, stay safe! I'll see you in my next blogpost!



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