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J&J Hair Identity Korean Perm | #JJHairIdentity

Hello everyone!

It's been a while since I've done something to my hair at a salon, I've been colouring my hair by myself every now and then so I was super excited when I was invited by Sample Store to head over to J&J Hair Identity Salon to try out their Korean Style Perm!

I honestly didn't know what the 'korean style perm' meant, I've had my hair permed previously when I was in poly and that was quite a crazy digital perm treatment. My hair definitely suffered back then because it had gone through colouring and bleach that time too. However, I'm really surprised that this perm did not actually make my hair feel frizzy or super dry! It's been almost two weeks and my hair is still feeling soft and the curls look gentle and so fun!

A quick before and after!

I did have a good length of hair snipped off! Not going to lie, I was quite sad that I had to cut so much off, but honestly, I needed that snip because the ends were so heavily bleached and they may feel really dry after the perm. I do miss the length, but hair grows, so I'm just taking my time to get used to the new length.

Similar to my digital perm experience, my hair had been bleached and coloured prior and I knew I had split ends etc. I felt so bad that the hair stylists had to deal with all the dryness, but I think it got better after the trim! I was a little worried about how it would turn out but it looks so pretty (I've had a lot of compliments when I posted the before & after pictures in my instastories too!) and I do love the curls! I definitely cannot wait for my hair to grow a little, I think it'll be really great!

So let's talk a little more about J&J Hair Identity, they're a professional organic hair salon situated in Katong and make use of organic hair products in their treatments. I did realise that their products (from shampoo to treatment solutions) did not have a strong chemical smell, and I really appreciated that! Everyone there's really sincere and nice, so it was great to sit in a comfortable environment for a good few hours while my hair was being permed! Like I said, one thing that I really liked about the treatment was that the solutions used didn't have very strong chemical smells, and I felt like there was a bit less intense heat involved. I'm personally sensitive to heat, so I got a migrane during my previous treatments elsewhere, but I felt great after my perm at J&J! It's not any less time-consuming to get your hair permed at this Katong hair salon, but I personally felt it was a lot more comfortable compared to other places I've been to, and I actually liked how my hair turned out and it was worth sitting there for a good 2+ hours!

The ambience in general was great, bright lights that were good for taking a million selfies (as I did to kill time) and a pretty open concept as well so it is quite welcoming too. I appreciated that everything was clean and well kept as well. It's easy to locate, once you come up the escalator on the ground floor, you'll see the salon towards the end.

I was most worried about this part of the treatment (when they put your hair in curlers and hook you up to a machine) because the heat is usually quite daunting. However, it turned out to be a fuss free experience and it was reassuring to have them check on me every now and then too.

After the bit where they hooked me up to the machine, they put in some treatment solution in my hair. Again, no strong smells and all was great! I suppose products used in organic hair salons in J&J Hair Identity will always have products like these. I'm really curious about their hair colouring products now because if you check out their work on instagram, the colours look so amazing!!! It's my first time coming across a hair salon in Singapore that makes use of organic products so I'm really happy that this new experience was very pleasant!

I love the perm so much! Just look at the curls! The curls are gentle and they're not so crazy like springs and they're honestly easy to manage. I did get myself some curl cream just so that I can maintain them well. My routine does change quite a bit because of my new hair but I'm not complaining. If you'd like to give their services a try, they are currently having a promotion for their Korean Perm! It usually starts from $288 (depending on the length of your hair) but you can now get your first trial at just $188!

Check them out:

For appointment: 63442388

Address: Katong Square #02-11, Singapore 423371

I hope you guys enjoyed this blogpost and that you're also inspired to give your hair a little spruce if you haven't in a while! I know I definitely needed a good change just to keep my spirits up! I'll see you in my next blogpost!




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