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The Individual Society

Hello everyone! I hope the start of July has been great for you! Ever since phase two began, things have been really busy for me so I've started to feel very overwhelmed. However, I suppose having projects to work on is a lot better than having nothing to do. With that being said, this week's blogpost is a spotlight on a local brand: The Individual Society! You guys know how much I love my crystals and precious stones/minerals. I first came across The Individual Society last year when I was wandering around a little flea market at Wisma Atria and their booth seemed really attractive. I didn't realise it at first, but all of their pieces have crystals/stones incorporated in them. Needless to say, they had one of my favourites: Labradorite, so that was the very first pair I got from them! One of the features I really enjoyed was that they were able to customise the piece for me on the spot - I could choose the design and they would be able to match up the crystal I wanted, and you guys know how much I love a customised piece!

Recently, they reached out to me for a collaboration and I got to pick something off their site, they recently launched their Pyrite collection and I immediately scooped their Pyra Earrings!

How pretty are these?!

I was debating between these and their Pyris Earrings, but I think these suited my style a lot more! I don't own many Pyrite pieces in my crystal collection, let alone in my earring collection, so these were a perfect addition. These are definitely on the more weighty side, I'd think because Pyrite would be heavier than most common crystals, but they aren't pulling on your ears so it's all good!

Wore these gorgeous pieces to my birthday lunch a few weeks back! I love earrings (in case that wasn't obvious enough) and it's great to know that a lot of brands are going for hypoallergenic studs (like 925 Silver or Stainless Steel/Surgical Steel), and I can purchase afforable earrings with confidence now! Better yet, I found earrings that incorporate one of my favourite things: crystals!

They have so many pieces to choose from on their website!

They have simple and minimalist designs for those of you who love something small and dainty, they also have pieces that are a little more 'dressy' like the ones in their Pyrite collection! I love that you can DM them for customisations as well!

You can find them on their various platforms: Website:

If you're looking to get pieces from them, you can use my code 'CPD20%OFF' for 20% off your purchases, sign up for their mailing list to get $5 off and create an account on their site to accumulate points when you make a purchase! I hope you guys enjoyed this short blogpost and that you're having a good start to the month! Remember to wash your hands and stay safe! I'll see you guys in my next blogpost!




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