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The OPC Blog | Our Personal Co.

Hello everyone!

I think it's been a while since I gave my last update on Our Personal Co. on the blog, although you've probably seen a lot of it on Instagram haha. If you aren't following OPC on Instagram yet, please do! It'll mean a lot to me (:

In my last update, I shared about our notebooks, which you can also get customised. This time, I'll be talking about the things OPC has set in motion to keep everyone motivated and occupied during the circuit breaker! You might have noticed quite a few things on the Instagram account, but if you haven't, here's your update!

1. Mailing List

OPC developed a monthly mailing list so that you can receive monthly updates on what's new in the shop! Also, you will receive a 10% promo code when you subscribe! Our updates will include teasers for upcoming launches, what's new on our site, as well as the blogposts that you can look forward to during the month!

2. Blogposts

Yes, you read that right, OPC has a blog!

I do have hopes of making OPC something more than just an online retail store, I wanted to provide something that could inspire people strive for self-improvement and some encouragement for people to keep going despite what they're going through. I'm not particularly burdened by anything right now, but I do have friends who are and I can imagine that there would be so many others who are going through tough times too.

The blog started around February, but it's still worth mentioning as an update, in fact, I feel this is probably the highlight of the update. Although it's not the main focus of the business, I just wanted to bring it up anyway since its something I do want to build up. Each month, the blogposts will adhere to a certain topic and for the month of May, it's all about creativity! Eventually I'd like totouch on things like organisation and even self-reflection and self-forgiveness. There will be about 2-3 blogposts per month, the third one's mostly for updates for the upcoming month. So once again, subscribe to that mailing list!

3. Instagram Polls

I've been thinking of ways to get more people involved in the design process, instead of the simple market research questions and occasional surveys, I figured I let people chose what they wanted to see in the store in this year's launch. I decided to change up the themes every year so there's that sense of novelty and uniqueness. To take it a step further, I created more themes so that OPC's followers can vote for which theme they'd prefer, of course, it meant I had to design more but why not! I still decided to keep them clean and play around with colours, because the last thing I wanted to do was assault people's eyes. It would really mean a lot for you guys to spend a min or so just to vote as well, whether you're following us or not because it'll really help us too. The theme polls are up on the 11th of every month in our insta stories! (:

4. Instagram Templates

Last but not least, this was just OPC jumping on the bandwagon, plus I really wanted to create something and with the whole trend of these bingo templates, I figured making some for OPC would be so much fun. Also, hoping these would help to bring awareness to the brand as well.

I didn't want to do too much of these, but they did circulate quite a fair bit so I'm very grateful for everyone who has done them and who has shared them as well. It means so much!

I hope you guys enjoyed this little update. There will be more things coming up in the next few months and I'm just really excited to share it with everyone! Stay home and stay safe!




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