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Capitola Watches Review

Hello Everyone!

You guys know I'm not a massive watch person, and I literally only have one watch from Skagen and it's my absolute love! Recently, Capitola reached out to me and here we have, my second watch. I decided to go for something that looked different from my Skagen, which is completely rose gold, metal strapped and small faced.

I got the rose gold face with grey straps! You guys know how much I LOVE rose gold.

This is from their velvet range, at first I was thinking of getting Malva or Boulevard which were both different shades of pink, but I decided to get something a little more neutral. I might get those in the near future! I saw their marble and seashell collection and honestly, those look very tempting!!

I got my watch within 2 weeks, which was great! I think they ship from Spain, which is where most of their physical shops are anyway, so I feel 2 weeks is a pretty good time.

The watch comes in a pretty sleek black box, which I appreciate!

It comes with the guarantee as well as care instructions as well.

They have various straps in their collections, including the mesh straps that seem to be in trend right now. I personally did not opt for the mesh as my Skagen watch already had a metallic strap and I wanted something that could look more casual as well. Capitola's watch straps are interchangeable, and they have some straps sold separately! Which means you can buy a watch with the face that you like, and then buy an extra strap so you can achieve two different looks. Their watch faces are between 32-36mm in diameter, which is bigger than what I'm used to, but they're thin and I really appreciate that!

Some details in the straps.

I appreciate small details like this in watches. I should mention that these watches are pretty decent quality as well. I think at first, the leather is slightly hard, but my guess is that it's normal and it'll soften up over time as most leathers do. I've only worn it twice so far, and honestly, I'm mostly worried about how it'll fair with all the perspiration since Singapore is just so humid. Leather isn't something you can just wash!

With that aside, Capitola donates 2% of sales to various organisations that cater to healthcare, protection of the environment, animals, and children. You can read more about it on their site! If you'd like to purchase a pretty watch for a good cause and at a good price, you can go ahead and use my discount code 'CPD15' for 15% off! I hope you guys enjoyed this little review! I'll see you in my next blogpost!



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