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April Box Review | #NoMakeNoLife

Hello everyone!

Hope April has treated you well! As we step into the month of May, I hope new opportunities will come and that we're all one step closer to our dreams and goals! April went by a lot faster than expected for me, and I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that it's May! I know I mentioned in my IGTV video that this will be the last box for now, but I forgot to cancel my subscription so these blogpost will be coming to you every month until July! I decided to stop for now because of some budgeting constraints, but it doesn't mean that I do not love the products that NMNL has been sending me!

With that being said, let's start with April's subscription box!

This Month's theme: Spa Night!

I know I could always use a good spa night, especially since the work culture in Singapore is just so fast paced, we all need a night to unwind for sure!

Monroe Peach Hand Cream by Morning Surprise

This tube of hand cream was the largest one that I've got so far! It smells like any other peach scented hand cream, not that I'm complaining because I love peach scented things (not as much as I love pink grapefruit scented things though!). This hand cream is supposed to contain amazing ingredients like shea butter, olive oil and snail extract, all meant to keep your hands super moisturised!

Peking Opera Sheet Mask by Berrisom

I chucked this in my fridge, hoping to get it all cold before I tried it, and somehow I forgot about it. But I did eventually get to try it! This particular one focuses on whitening, treating blemishes and hydration - which I really appreciate! I'll say that this mask does feel a little thicker than normal sheet masks. I'm not sure if the Red Wine one will have a subtle scent like this one did, and if the serum would be red! In case you're wondering, the red wine one is meant for improving skin elasticity, radiance and hydration.

It's made of 100% cotton which is good for sensitive skin, I felt that the product absorbed into my skin very quickly, my skin doesn't feel sticky at all, which is great! However, this particular one was a little bit too big for me, there was a fiar bit of the mask hanging off at the bottom of my chin! I kept this on my face for 20mins, and there was so much left over product in the packaging!

Water Candy Lip Tint in Apple by The Saem

This really caught my eye! I love these cute packagings. This product is available in a variety of scents and shades. The one I got was the Apple one, and it's a deep red shade. I won't say its a very vamp-y red, but it's deeper than your usual bright red! It's a water tint, so it glides on very easily, but I won't say it's easy to use if you're thinking of blending it with other colours, you'll need to work very quick!

I'll admit the lasting power isn't as amazing as the tint my bestie gave me from VDL. That one has the most amazing staying power and it does not budge even after eating or a long day. This does stay, but it does fade after a while. I wasn't too inclined to apply a thicker layer or reapply as I'm not too used to a red lip. If this was towards a more coral or pink colour, I might consider applying a thicker layer for sure! These lip tints contain honey extract as well as hyaluronic acid, these ingredients will help to keep your lips nice and moisturised!

Stress Relieving Purefull Cleansing Wipes by Ariul

I've yet to give these a go to be honest, but I did give them a good little whiff and they're pretty refreshing! I'd imagine these would be nice to use after a workout, just to freshen up a little before you head home to actually shower. I know these remove make up as well, but I'm not sure if there's any oil content in these - oil based removers aren't good for eyelash extensions!

Foot Scrub Sponge by Lucky Wink

This was the first thing in April's box that I tested! I have such dry heels, and apart from using my skin balm from Eucerin (which you can read more about here) I use this in the shower for gentle exfoliation! The handbook said this can also be used dry but I was a little too worried to give it a whirl! My heels will never be super soft like a baby's bum but it has definitely improved further!

House-Shaped Makeup Sponges

I rarely use make up sponges, apart from in my pointe shoes. I'll definitely be saving these for a rainy day! These sponges do feel a lot more dense than your beauty blender, so I'm guessing these may not absorb as much product as the beauty blender does!

Shea Butter Body Lotion by To-Plan

I'd say this was the product that I felt quite underwhelmed by, especially since I saw the peach hand cream first! This doesn't have a very strong scent, I'd imagine this would be great for travelling since it's a body cream and not a hand cream. This currently sits in the pouch I bring with me to yoga because I always shower at the studio before going home and I like to keep my skin moisturised! I'd say a small bit goes a long way with this product as it is of a thicker consistency!

Konnyaku Face Sponge

I've had this exact sponge a few years back, and I loved how soft and squishy it is! I'd say the only downside is that you have to constantly rehydrate it every time you use it, and this shrivels into quite a tough little piece! It provides a very gentle exfoliation, I'd say its good for the second cleanse after you've wiped all your make up off.

This product is made from Konnyaku, also known as the 'asian potato', which has fine fibres that gentle exfoliate the skin! So it's prefect for people who aren't that into using face brushes!

That marks the end of the April Box review! I hope you guys enjoyed the review and that you found it useful! My top two products are definitely the mask as well as the konnyaku sponge! If you happen to see them when you're shopping around, do pick em up!

Till my next blogpost!



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