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July Box Review | #NoMakeNoLife

Hello everyone!

It's unbelievable that July has gone past so quickly, it's been such a hectic month and I can't wait for August to come. On another note, this will be my very last No Make No Life box for the time being. I have really enjoyed most of the products that have been sent and do recommend this subscription box if you're into Japanese and Korean beauty!

Let's take a look into this month's box, shall we?

This month's theme was Summer Essentials! Definitely apt for Singapore's constant summer. I'm not the biggest fan of the Sun because I get tanned easily, and I'm not very into the whole idea of being tanned. With that being said, let's look into this month's box!

Pure White Milk Cream by Prreti

I quite liked the consistency of this product. It absorbed into my skin fairly well and it didn't leave any sticky feeling! However, I think it's whitening power is on the gentle side. It can be applied on both face and body, I do have my relevant whitening products for my face so I've only tried this on my body. So far, it's been comfortable to use. It also has a soft floral scent which I find quite pleasant.

Bling Bling Eye Stick in #11 Rose Star by Etude House

One of my favourite pieces from this month's box! I didn't expect to really enjoy using this but I really did! I had two weddings over the weekend and this was my go-to product for touch ups and adding extra bling to a simple eyeshadow look. The best part - it's so easy to travel with and it's in a colour that really suits my skin tone! I'd be getting this in an orange or coral shade soon!

Yum Yum Lip Syrup in Peach by The Saem

Another one of my favourites! I love the cute packaging, plus it makes it easier to give the product a gentle squeeze. The application for this product is smooth and it does act like a gel based lip stain or tint more than a lip gloss, which I quite like! I'm really happy that they've sent me the peach scent because the colour's a sort of peachy-coral, which is up my alley!

Foot Moisture Pack by Kocostar

I didn't think much of this at first, but it turned out to be a very fun product to use when you're having a nice night to pamper yourself. I'm not entirely sure what is in my foot mask (they come in three different variations) but they do include ingredients like Argan Oil, Shea Butter, herbal and plant extracts. These masks are basically little packets of moisturiser that you can slip your foot into, and then wear as socks for a good 20 mins before taking them off, and massaging the rest of the foot cream in. A fair warning, the product does soak your feet so you will need a while after massaging the product in before you can walk around your house. I don't recommend walking around with the masks on your feet as well, I personally found it quite uncomfortable, so I decided to stay put with the masks on my feet. I must say, the results were really good! My feet were so nice and smooth!

Sakura Blotting Paper and Bandage Set

I wasn't entirely sure about this product, but I do keep it in my make up pouch just in case! I never really use blotting papers anymore, but I do have a thing for having endless plasters/bandages in my make up pouch! Then again, how cute is the sakura packaging?!

Choosy Air In Beauty Gummy

This product fascinated me a fair bit! It comes in both peach and yogurt flavour, and of course, I received the peach flavour! These gummies contain collagen that are meant to help you get plump lips! Apart from collagen, these gummies contain hyaluronic acid and dietary fibre.

I personally did not see much of a difference when I tried these, but one thing's for sure - they're pretty yummy! I think these will improve your lips if you keep consuming them, but probably not much after just a single pack! They aren't very sweet either so that's a bonus!

Frill Make Up Pouch

I love that they sent us a make up pouch this time round. This is bigger than what I like to carry but hey, you can't have too many pouches when you travel!

UV Milky Gel by Hatomugi

I was quite excited to try this out and I wasn't disappointed! I love the consistency of the gel and it doesn't leave me feeling sticky! I use this products on casual days as it's SPF 31, and on shoots, I like to use the highest SPF I can get which is SPF 50! I will be writing more about my favourite sunscreens/sunblocks soon so keep a look out for that! In the mean time, this product is one of my favourites! I also love that it doesn't smell like sunblock!

I hope you guys enjoyed this blogpost and that you've enjoyed my No Make No Life review series as much as I've enjoyed trying these products out for you! I'll see you guys next week for another blogpost!



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