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Les Parfums de Farcent Product Review | #FarcentLPF

Hello everyone!

It's double blogpost week! A massive thank you to Sample Store and Farcent for sponsoring this blogpost, and for sending me these amazing products! I'm someone who is very sensitive about smells, some scents make me feel sick/give me migraines, especially some of my favourite Yankee Candle scents! I was worried about how I would react to the scents from farcents, but so far so good!

Farcents have developed the first perfume-type of air freshners, with their scents developed by a renowned European perfume house, each of the scents in this new range has a very long lasting effect! The products are IFRA certified, safe and made of high quality scented materials.

As mentioned, these scented goodies come in two forms: sachets and diffusers! I personally love sachets because you can wedge them anywhere in your room or closets (or even in your gym bag! hehe), the diffuser ones are great for larger areas like the living room! I'm quite the klutz so I refrain from keeping the diffuser in my room in fear of knocking it over! However, the glass bottles are very sturdy, and the reeds that they use aren't very thin so perhaps, it's not too bad for putting in your room either! The diffusers last from anywhere between 4-8 weeks (you can adjust the strength of the aroma by varying the number of reeds you place) and the sachets last up to 30 days!

Now, let's talk more about the scents in the range!

Scent: Star Magnolia I'd say this is the most 'floral' out of the three scents! I've never really tried any Magnolia scents, myself! I personally find this scent to be the 'sweetest' and the most 'floral' out of the three, somewhat like a luxurious floral soap! I like putting the sachets in the cupboards in between clothes so the scent isn't too strong. Of course, the diffuser's strength can be adjusted with the number of reeds, I feel putting this scent in a bigger room is more suitable.

Scent: Freesia and English Pear

I personally feel this is the scent's a lot more fruity and still very sweet. I find this a lot more refreshing as compared to the Magnolia scent. I'd say this would be the scent I'd put out when I'm having guest over at my house. It's on the lighter side, in my opinion. It reminds me of a certain perfume by Jo Malone and I love it! Like the Magnolia one, it does tend to get very overpowering after a while, so I suggest putting less reeds in if you don't like an overpowering scent.

Scent: Sea Salt and Wood Sage

This scent is my personal favourite among the three! I love that it isn't too sweet, and it has such a pleasant aroma! I feel that this scent is perfect for anywhere, and because it's not too overpowering, it's great for putting in small rooms. If you're wondering, no, you don't smell anything salty. I love the smell of fresh sage leaves (I have them in bundles in my room) so this scent is right up my alley!

Like I mentioned earlier, I like to use the sachets in between my clothes! It doesn't get too overpowering when you open your wardrobe, which I really appreciate! Although I did take a picture of the diffuser in the bathroom (where I originally wanted to put it), I decided against it because it would definitely break within a week, so this sits in the living room now, and it smells so good!!

I love the pretty packaging of the products as well, I find it classy looking and ideal for people who love to entertain guests at home, or for people who appreciate a nice, fresh scent in their homes! I'm looking at you, fellow homebodies!

You can get the sachets in various places like Fairprice, Sheng Shiong, K-ART Showrooms and their E-Store, Qoo10 and Lazada! Alternatively, you can get them on Sample Store's site! They're currently having a promotion for members: Diffusers at $9.90 (U.P. $12.90) and scahets at $4.90 (U.P. $5.90)!

I hope you guys enjoyed this blogpost! I'll see you guys in my next one!



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