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Ms Singapore Beauty Pageant 2019 | Charity Day

Hello everyone!

It's that time of the year again - the Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant is underway, and the fringe events have begun! The ladies have been visiting their sponsors over the past few weeks and today's blogpost will be covering the activities they did during their Charity Day last week! If you're interested you can watch the vlog that I posted last week by clicking here!

I haven't been to a Charity Day event in a while, the last time I attended one was in 2017! This year's event is slightly different from then, the finalists were involved in the marching parade for the Punggol East National Observance Day Ceremony 2019, did a dance item choreographed by Ms Singapore Chinatown 2017 - Christina Cai, participated in the ribbon cutting for ARC-Brella and gave out food rations to the residents in Blk 182 Rivervale Crescent.

It was a meaningful experience not only for the finalists, but for me as too. I never really involved myself in community events much, so just witnessing the activities for the day was a relatively new (and good) experience for me! Apart from the 2019 finalists, some of the queens from previous years also came to show their support by participating as well!

Marching Parade.

Both previous year's Ms Singapore queens as well as the 2019 finalists participated in the marching parade. Like I've mentioned earlier, I've never experienced a community event like this, so it was honestly quite interesting to watch. It was like a mini NDP but in the heartlands!

Rehearsal before they performed their item!

Right after the marching parade, the girls took just a short break before huddling together for a rehearsal!

Performance time!

I know that the music sounded funky in my vlog, I had to change it up a bit so I didn't get any copyright problems. But in any case, job well done, ladies!

On top of the performance by the finalists, there were performances by little kids and other groups from the community, I think I remembered seeing line dancing too! There were also activities like painting as well as food kiosks that sold popcorn and kacang puteh!

ARC-Brella Briefing

Ribbon Cutting with Mr Charles Chong

I've never really heard of such an initiative before, but I was told this wasn't the absolute first of its kind and I thought it was pretty smart since not everyone brings an umbrella with them. I hope that this initiative can spread to other places in Singapore too~

Giving out food rations

I felt that this was the most interesting part of the day for me. I've never done something like this before, and it really opened my eyes to the reality that some people face. It also made me realise how fortunate I am, and it reminded me to be grateful for what I have.

If I'm not wrong, the food rations given out were raised by the finalists themselves, so I'd think it's a lot more meaningful for them to actually see the donations being given out, and as a bonus, the finalists are the ones knocking on doors and handing the rations out themselves.

I hope you guys enjoyed this blogpost! The talent round would have happened a few days back, so if you've missed anything, head on over to my Tea With Queens instagram account and click on the MSBP'19 highlight to watch some sneaks before the vlog comes out on Thursday! I'll see you guys again next week!



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